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Resources come in various forms and levels of scarcity.

Low Quality

These items are plentiful and easy to obtain by scavenging in depleted zones. After they have been placed in the bank, they can be transformed in the workshop into basic construction materials.

Basic Construction

These items are used in most buildings. They can seem scarce prior to the construction of a Workshop. Once a community obtaines a Workshop, however, these resources become easily available through the conversion of low quality resources. These basic materials are also processed into advanced construction materials.

Advanced Construction

Similar to basic materials, these items can seem scarce prior to the completion of a Workshop. Used in more expensive buildings.


These items are of limited supply and of great value to the community. Used to rebuild valuable items and in superior buildings.


Although resources, these items are not used in construction. They can however be processed in the workshop. Each has the possibility of providing scarce resources.


Used in various electronic devices and weapons.

Season 8

Not categorized yet. Items added at Season 8.