Wonky Shopping Trolley

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[v·e] 85 Wonky Shopping Trolley Item cart part.gif
A big metal basket on wheels, which could be useful if you could link the wheels somehow... it appears to be missing an axel. Surely you can find something to do the job...
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Category Items
Sub Category Miscellaneous items

You know them well. The trolleys at the local supermarket, and how they ALWAYS pull to the left. Or the right. Or just don't want to move at all. Well, Die2Nite offers you a rare chance to fix one! Just be sure you check with the town before seeking the immense satisfaction of making a Item cart.gifItem cart.gifShopping Trolley Shopping Trolley that works properly.




  • In Season 3, the description changed from:
    A big metal cart, with a missing axle. You need to find something to replace it with...