Water Ration

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[v·e] 1 Water Ration Item water.gif
Drinking your water ration will quench your thirst when you're in the World Beyond. This will refresh you, and more importantly, your action points once per day.
Category Items
Sub Category Food
When used
Restored Small pa.gif
Max (6) Small pa.gif
Gives status
Status hasDrunk.gifStatus hasDrunk.gifRefreshed Refreshed
Removes status
Status thirst.gifStatus thirst.gifThirsty Thirsty
When Status dehyd.gifStatus dehyd.gifDehydrated Dehydrated!
Restored Small pa.gif
0 Small pa.gif
Gives status
Status thirst.gifStatus thirst.gifThirsty Thirsty
Removes status
Status dehyd.gifStatus dehyd.gifDehydrated Dehydrated!

A water ration is one of the most important items in a Small falsecity.gifSmall falsecity.gifTown Town. It stops you from dehydrating into a corpse, replenishes your Small pa.gif so you can carry on with more work, and when needed, it can be used in conjunction with other items to wipe out a few pesky zombies. Really, what more can you ask from a bottle of water these days?




Required in the Item metal beam.gifItem metal beam.gifConstruction Sites Constructions of:


  • If one does not drink water at least once per two days, they will most likely die.
  • After using water ration and getting Status hasDrunk.gifStatus hasDrunk.gifRefreshed Refreshed status additional blurb appears on water ration : Note: you have already restored your Action Points by drinking today.


When you drink and it restores you up to your maximum Small pa.gif:

You drink your water ration in one go... That's much better!

Drinking while Status dehyd.gifStatus dehyd.gifDehydrated Dehydrated!

You greedily gulp down your ration of water, without tasting it in the least... Your throat still burns as much, but at least you aren't dehydrated anymore...

Your APs have not been restored because you were dehydrated.