Vodka Marinostov

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[v·e] 69 Vodka Marinostov Item vodka.gif
A pretty violent way to overcome tiredness (and regain your action points)... 85% proof, with random, vaguely organic things floating in it. Cheers !
Category Items
Sub Category Food
When used
Restored Small pa.gif
Max (6) Small pa.gif
Gives status
Status drunk.gifStatus drunk.gifDrunk Drunk

Even though it tastes and smells like rubbing alcohol, Vodka Marinostov has the potential to be the pick-me-up you need. And why not? It isn't like Alcoholics Anonymous is meeting anymore.

Don't think about the day after, though. Don't think about what a Status hung over.gifStatus hung over.gifHangover Hungover you'll have, and don't think about how you won't be able to stomach any other sort of liquor... just drink up.




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