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Vial of Poison

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[v·e] 220 Vial of Poison Item poison.gif
This tiny quantity of poison is sufficient to kill any of your fellow citizens. Add it to some food, a flask or a drug and it will become contaminated, turning it into a deadly weapon...
Category Items
Sub Category Miscellaneous items

Annoyed with your neighbor? Sick of people using valuable resources for themselves? Or maybe you're just a jerk. With this poison you can kill someone by mixing it with food, a drink or drugs. Can also be used to commit suicide.



  • Poisoning food, drink or drugs
    • The person consuming poisoned items will die; as such, it may be used to murder other players or commit suicide.

When you choose to use the Item poison.gifItem poison.gifVial of Poison Vial of Poison in your home, you are presented with a list of all the other items in your chest and rucksack to use with the poison. The following items can be poisoned:

Note that the items appear identical to the unpoisoned original, the altered name and image are to distinguish the items on the wiki only.
Item poison.gifItem poison.gifVial of Poison Poisoned items do not stack with their unpoisoned counterparts!
Every item as a particular script number, to see it, just pass your mouse at it and check the url at the lower corner of your screen. Same items will have same number for each player. This is an effective way to tell apart poisoned and healthy items.

If you pick an item that is not in the above list, or is already poisoned you are given the message:

You cannot combine Item poison.gifItem poison.gifVial of Poison Vial of Poison with this. You can do this with one of the following objects: Item vegetable.gifItem vegetable.gifSuspicious-looking Vegetable Suspicious-looking Vegetable, Item fruit.gifItem fruit.gifFleshroom Puree Fleshroom Puree, Item drug.gifItem drug.gifAnabolic Steroids Anabolic Steroids, Item can open.gifItem can open.gifOpen Can Open Can or Item water.gifItem water.gifWater Ration Water Ration.

If you pick a valid item, you receive:

You have assembled Item broken.gifItem broken.gifVial of Poison something... by combining Item poison.gifItem poison.gifVial of Poison Vial of Poison and Item broken.gifItem broken.gifVial of Poison something.... --- Warning! You have poisoned the Item broken.gifItem broken.gifVial of Poison something...! It is now almost impossible to distinguish from a safe one, so be careful... It's up to you to do with it what you feel is "fair".'

If a player is murdered with the Vial of Poison, The Crow will usually make an announcement about it in The News Corpse, which reads:

Funny story, from now on, in addition to the nightly attacks, we have to consider murders. † [player name] being a prime example. Ingestion of strychnine... Looks like we'll have a great time from here on in...


  • Strychnine is a very toxic colorless crystalline alkaloid used as a pesticide. In humans, it causes muscular convulsions and eventually death through asphyxia or sheer exhaustion. It isn't, however, made by combining a corrosive liquid, battery, and pharmaceutical products in real life (it is naturally occurring, and isolated in a number of plants).
  • It seems in the gazette it lists a random poisonous substance when someone is murdered, the known ones so far being Anthrax, Strychnine and Botulinum. (Note: Botulinum is the deadliest known toxin to man, and is also not made by combining a corrosive liquid, battery, and pharmaceutical products. It is perhaps better known by its trademarked name 'Botox')
  • A victim of poisoning won't be allowed to choose their last words, which will always be: "The murderer was...was...ARGH!"