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Valium Shot

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[v·e] 28 Valium Shot Item xanax.gif
Relax, no big deal... this won't be the last one you'll take.
Category Items
Sub Category Pharmacy
When used
Gives status
Status drugged.gifStatus drugged.gifDrugged Drugged
Removes status
Status terror.gifStatus terror.gifTerrorised Terrorised

This is a Valium Shot, a dose of happiness serum that is capable of making you forget the horrors of your daily life that left you Status terror.gifStatus terror.gifTerrorised Terrorised. Just watch out, taking this will leave you Status drugged.gifStatus drugged.gifDrugged Drugged for the day whether you're terrorised or not, which might be of interest to you if for some reason you are Status addict.gifStatus addict.gifHooked! Hooked!





If you are Status terror.gifStatus terror.gifTerrorised Terrorised:

The drug took effect rapidly... Everything suddenly seems calmer, more serene... Even the horrendous events of the past few days now seem unimportant... That's better!

If you are not Status terror.gifStatus terror.gifTerrorised Terrorised:

You take the Item xanax.gifItem xanax.gifValium Shot Valium Shot, but it seems to have no notable effect... Maybe you didn't need it?


  • Valium is one of the names of Diazepam, a benzodiazepine drug commonly used to treat anxiety.