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Communication with the other members of your town is key to playing well in Die2Nite. Several methods are available.


See Forums for details.

Town Chalkboard

Heroes with the Dictator ability (unlocked after 31 days) can edit the town's chalkboard
The words of Heroes


IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is widely used. In addition to the general #d2n chat there have also been chatrooms set up for various events, metas, and many towns will set up an IRC room as well.


Since the integration of Twinoid, D2N players can use its messaging system and forums.

Zone Chat

Each zone in The World Beyond has its own chat area where people in the zone can write messages to each other. The game also displays messages here when

  • an item is dropped or picked up by a citizen
  • a campsite is improved or a citizen camps
  • a citizen arrives or leaves the zone
  • zombies are killed
  • a person is escorted
  • someone uses an ability

External Forums

There are some forums external to, for example Some metas have set up their own forums as well.

Cell phone

Some players may exchange cell phone numbers, so that they can be called or texted in a game emergency.