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Day and night last for 12 hours each, changing one another at 7:00 and 19:00 server time. So far they appear to have only cosmetic effects on the game, e.g. changing environmental images around the Small falsecity.gifSmall falsecity.gifTown Town to reflect the corresponding time of day, and changing brightness and colouration of Small world.gifSmall world.gifWorld Beyond World Beyond. In the latter, day time also affects the blurb, and close to day time boundaries the lighting represents a transition state of morning/evening.

There are players from all over the world in Die2Nite, so there is no night time search penalty which occurs in the German version Hordes. Test results can be found at Talk:Scavenging#Search_Results.

Midnight Attack

  • "Midnight" is that dreaded time at which the zombies smash themselves upon the barricaded civilizations of the living.
  • "Midnight" takes place at 23:00 (11 p.m.) game time (GMT+1). It lasts for 10-11 minutes and users are unable to login or register or access to any forums at that time.
  • For the first day, none of these events take place if the town hasn't reached the quota of 40 citizens. It will be postponed until the day which the town gets 40 citizens.

Effects on the Player

Effects on the Town

  • The town's voted-upon upgrade is put into effect, immediately before the attack.
  • The town is attacked by zombies, pitting defensive measures against the attacking goons.
    • Temporary defenses are resolved and removed.
  • The daily "Midnight Bulletin" of Small gazette.gifSmall gazette.gifThe News Corpse The News Corpse is published.
  • Players can take additional (two if there's a pump) rations from the Small well.gifSmall well.gifThe Well The Well.
  • Bonuses provided by construction sites and buildings go into effect (i.e. Small gather.gifSmall gather.gifSearch Tower Searchtower)
  • In a hardcore town:
    • Buildings suffer damage that has to be repaired. Buildings can be destroyed if damaged too much.
    • Defensive Objects in the bank can be destroyed.
  • If the town has a Small arma.gifSmall arma.gifReactor Reactor and it hasn't been repaired, the game instantly ends and all citizens are killed by the explosion (verify)


In real life, the "midnight" attack takes place at:

22:00 GMT (UK Western European Time)

17:00 EST (GMT -5)(NA Eastern Standard Time)

18:00 (GMT -3) (Brazilian time)

14:00 PST (GMT -8)(NA Pacific Standard Time)

08:00 AEST (GMT +10) (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

02:00 MSK (GMT +4) (Moscow Time)

05:00 WIB (GMT +7) (Indonesian Time)


Maintenance occurs one hour after the attack, at 24:00/0:00 game time. The site is inaccessible during this time. At this time, any expedition paths laid out at the Town Gates will be cleared.

Flavor text

Time affects the text shown in the World Beyond and the title bar of your browser. The effects are noted in full on the Trivia page.