Three-legged Labradoodle

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[v·e] Three-legged Labradoodle Item tamed pet.gif
He follows you everywhere, smelling of wet dog and drooling constantly. And he yaps. Often. Once a day though, you can ask him to take the contents of your rucksack back to the town from anywhere in the desert.
Small human.gifSmall human.gifProfessional tool Professional tool (cannot be dropped)
Category Items
Sub Category Professional tools

A Tamer can send the 3-legged Labradoodle to carry objects in their rucksack back to town once per day. The 3-legged Labradoodle can be drugged with Item drug.gifItem drug.gifAnabolic Steroids Anabolic Steroids so that it can bring back a heavy object, such as a defensive item. The dog will then become a Item tamed pet drug.gifItem tamed pet drug.gifDrugged Labradoodle Drugged Labradoodle. After one use, the dog will be turned into Item tamed pet off.gifItem tamed pet off.gifTired Labradoodle Tired Labradoodle.


The Item tamed pet.gifItem tamed pet.gifThree-legged Labradoodle Three-legged Labradoodle has a name. This can be seen when you click 'Use an object from my rucksack' while outside town. It will say Use : Three-legged Labradoodle (name will be here). The name is also recorded in the Item rp book2.gifItem rp book2.gifRegisters Registers when it brings objects.

(Please add the name of your Labradoodle to the talk page)

Labradoodle names are constructed from a random prefix and random suffix.

Prefixes Suffixes
  • Ev
  • Hunn
  • Itch
  • Kill
  • Lill
  • Mitz
  • Munch
  • Pumpkinn
  • Scratch
  • Scruff
  • Smurf
  • Soxx
  • Till
  • Tutt
  • aroo
  • er
  • kanevil
  • o
  • thumper
  • y
  • ybaby
  • yboy
  • ybunny
  • ykins
  • ypie