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Current Avatar of The Crow, as seen on the forums.

The Crow is a British Administrator on Favicon.gifFavicon.gifDie2Nite Die2Nite. It moderates the Small chat.gifSmall chat.gifForums Forums, and automated messages are said to be sent by it as well.

World Forum Moderation

The Crow actively does the following actions to keep the limbo from falling apart.

Lock Threads

If a thread is considered pointless, or its initial question/problem has been resolved, The Crow will lock the thread, usually after a final sinister post similar to this:
This discussion cannot continue. End of discussion You will all die tonight! Mwahahahahahah!

Delete Threads

Eventually, a locked thread buried by 3 pages or so of other threads will be deleted by The Crow. Each section of the World Forums is moderated to contain around 6 pages of threads.

Move Threads

If a thread is in the wrong section, The Crow will eventually move it to the correct section of the Forums. This is usually a minor and less important duty.
This thread has been moved to the appropriate forum!

Editing Posts

The Crow has the power to edit one's post, but not completely remove it. An edited post will read:

Verbal Warnings

If an argument starts getting inappropriate (destructive instead of constructive), The Crow may intervene with a post warning certain players to stop.
[Player], you can stop taking your anger out on a fellow player.

Important Threads

The Crow is responsible for making certain threads stick to the top of the list of threads, if required.


The Crow usually keeps a few threads which are set as locked, which states the general rules of behavior on the World Forums. Then The Crow bumps the thread back up whenever it feels that the thread is needed to be read again.

Town Forum Moderation

The Crow does not actively moderate the Town Forums unless incidents of rule-breaking have been reported.

The following four threads used to have their OP automatically posted by The Crow, but since Season 5, they are posted by a user named "Moderator". These threads are marked as Important by the game:

Item metal beam.gifConstruction Sites

Use this subject for discussions involving buildings and construction sites...

Small refine.gifThe Workshop

Use this subject for discussions involving the workshop and production of resources in town...

Small city up.gifTown Upgrades

Use this subject for discussions involving the town upgrades you wish to carry out...

Item chest citizen.gifThe Bank

Use this subject for discussions involving the town Bank...

The News Corpse

Everyday, you will receive a new edition of Small gazette.gifSmall gazette.gifThe News Corpse The News Corpse, which summarises yesterday's attack and deaths. The summary will have the signature - The Crow

Automated Messages

These messages are automatically sent to your house when a certain event has occured. Although they are said to be sent by the Crow, they're really just sent by the game.


This message is received when somebody R theft.gifR theft.gifTheft Steals something while you're not in town.
Apparently, one of your fellow citizens really liked the contents of your inventory... Someone has pinched your: Item broken.gifItem broken.gifThe Crow something...

Anonymous Complaint ([#] in total)

This message is received when somebody submits an anonymous complaint against you. After 8 complaints you will be Small ban.gifSmall ban.gifShunned Shunned or R dhang.gifR dhang.gifHangings Hangings.
You have received a new anonymous complaint: « [Reason] ».


This message is received when the zombies Status terror.gifStatus terror.gifTerrorised Terrorise you during Small fight.gifSmall fight.gifThe Attack The Attack.
OK. We've got good news and bad news. The good news is that despite the best efforts of [#] zombies to devour you, you got through it! The bad news is that the experience really shook you up, so you are now terrorised by the idea of having to go through that again...

A Frightful Night!

This message is received when the zombies attack you during Small fight.gifSmall fight.gifThe Attack The Attack, but perhaps due to luck or other mechanisms, you are not Status terror.gifStatus terror.gifTerrorised Terrorised.
You were really sweating last night! You heard them groaning, banging around and yelling outside. Eventually your door gave way and you took refuge under your bed, clutching your remaining possessions, trying not to think about the situation. Then they left... Shaking with fear you eventually came out of your hiding place, grateful that you survived.

List of Crows

Corvus Carves Corvus Bloodwing Corvus Cloud Corvus Kazuo Corvus Corax

  • etc