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[v·d·e] Terrorised Status terror.gif
You were involved in an atrocious event and are terrorised! You can no longer decide to stay in a Horde-controlled zone. If you are trapped, you will no longer be able to run away!
Category Status
Sub Category Mental

Fear is to be expected when confronting daily zombie attacks, while suffering shortages of food, water, and resources. When the fear catches up with the town, some people will just not be able to cope...


  • ~20% chance of being Status terror.gifStatus terror.gifTerrorised Terrorised after taking Item drug random.gifItem drug random.gifUnlabelled Drug Unlabelled Drug / Item beta drug bad.gifItem beta drug bad.gifBetapropine 5mg (expired) Betapropine 5mg (expired)
  • Chance of being Status terror.gifStatus terror.gifTerrorised Terrorised after taking a Item lsd.gifItem lsd.gifLSD LSD. (Chance is unknown)
  • Drawing Your name Written in blood when using an Item cards.gifItem cards.gifIncomplete Deck of Cards Incomplete Deck of Cards.
  • Using the Item teddy.gifItem teddy.gifCursed Cuddly Toy Cursed Cuddly Toy
  • During Small fight.gifSmall fight.gifThe Attack The Attack, having the town be breached by zombies and your Small home.gifSmall home.gifHome Home being assaulted, but surviving because you have higher personal defence points than the amount of zombies that attacked you.
    • You will receive a message from The Crow, with the message entitled "Terrorised!!":
      OK. We've got good news and bad news. The good news is that despite the best efforts of [X] zombies to devour you, you got through it ! The bad news is that the experience really shook you up, so you are now terrorised by the idea of having to go through that again...
    • If your house is not attacked you will not become Terrorised.
  • During the Attack, a R guard.gifR guard.gifWatchmen Watchman may acquire this status when fighting the zombies:
    Watchman [Citizen] resisted all they could, but this zombie onslaught etched a look of total terror on their face!





  • In a zone clear of zombies, you still behave normally, except for the distorted speech.
  • Identifiable in any citizen's Small home.gifSmall home.gifHome Home by the rumor:
    "can't sleep anymore and is babbling incoherently, talking of death, talking shadows and voices in their head..."
  • If there is a breach and if you are terrorised before the attack, you can get "Terrorised!!" messages again if zombies visited your house.
  • In rare cases, you might get "A frightful night!" message instead, which does not show the number of zombies that tried to devour you. However, this has no relation to whether you were terrorised or not before the attack. If you were not terrorised before the attack and received this message, then you will escape the night with no terror. If you were terrorised, then you will remain so.
    "A frightful night!": You were really sweating last night! You heard them groaning, banging around and yelling outside. Eventually your door gave way and you took refuge under your bed, clutching your remaining possessions, trying not to think about the situation. Then they left... Shaking with fear you eventually came out of your hiding place, grateful that you survived.
  • Unless you are entering zombie-infected zones alone, or being a R guard.gifR guard.gifWatchmen Watchmen , you might not need to cure Status terror.gifStatus terror.gifTerrorised Terrorised


  • Previously called "Terrified".