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[v·e] Technician Item keymol.gif
Always ready to get involved with any construction project, the technician, abandoned alone on a desert island with nothing but a toothpick, could construct an enormous entirely autonomous wheel. So just imagine what technical marvels they could construct with a shiny new DIY kit!
Category Jobs
Sub Category Hero

The Technician is a job available only to Small hero.gifSmall hero.gifHero Heroes.

The Item keymol.gifItem keymol.gifTechnician Technician is specialized in the art of construction and has additional Small pc.gif to help with building structures and converting objects. He is also able to unlock doors in the Small enter.gifSmall enter.gifExplorable Ruins Explorable Ruins.


  • Technicians have 6 Small pc.gif (Construction Points) in addition to their Small pa.gif (Action Points). These Small pc.gif can be used at the Construction Sites or in the Workshop. Whenever a technician spends Small pa.gif at the Construction Sites or Workshop, Small pc.gif will be used first if still available.
    • Small pc.gif cannot be restored by normal means, they only replenish after each day's attack.
    • At least 1 Small pa.gif is required to use Small pc.gif. In other words, the Technician cannot be Exhausted if he wants to use his Small pc.gif.
  • The Technician is also able to produce blank keys from locked doors while exploring the Explorable Ruins.

Known Blanks and Keys:



  • If the Technician is shunned, he will get the bonus AP from the Ministry of Slavery if working on a construction site.
  • After discovering an Small enter.gifSmall enter.gifExplorable Ruins Explorable Ruins, Technicians should wait for other citizens to make a map of the building and location of locked doors, then plan a route, enter and try to make a blank of all locked doors in one go.
  • The Technician's Small pc.gif used to be restored at 24:00 (maintenance time), but as of the game's merge with Twinoid, the Small pc.gif are restored at 23:00, similar to Small pa.gif.
    • Prior to this update, Technicians could spend their Small pc.gif right after Small fight.gifSmall fight.gifThe Attack The Attack, but before maintenance (24:00) - Small pa.gif would have been restored, Small pc.gif not yet.
  • Small pc.gif can be used in the Small refine.gifSmall refine.gifWorkshop Workshop as of an unnamed Season 4 update.

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