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[v·d·e] Survival Guide R jermit.gif
Your precious book entitled "Junior Woodchuck's Scouting Manual". Even though it may look like a children's book, it contains a wealth of useful information for anyone looking to survive in the great outdoors. It even shows you how to find food easily.
Small human.gifSmall human.gifProfessional tool Professional tool (cannot be dropped)
Category Items
Sub Category Professional tools

It's a wilderness survival guide for adolescents.



  • One per day, when at least 3km from town(NOT at 2/2), the guide can be used to restore 6 Small pa.gif and give either the Status hasEaten.gifStatus hasEaten.gifFed Fed or Status hasDrunk.gifStatus hasDrunk.gifRefreshed Refreshed status.
  • Allows campsites to be improved up to 100% survival chance.
  • As of Season 6, the R jermit.gifR jermit.gifSurvival Guide Survival Guide now has a 25% chance (confirm) of failure, resulting in the book being used up, but providing no food/water Small pa.gif, after day 4, changes increase over time.
    • The following message appears:
So much for the survival book. Hardly surprising that this book didn't go beyond the elementary stages... No wonder Junior Woodchuck only wrote one book - he probably starved to death in a desert somewhere. You have found absolutely nothing, but you probably knew that already.