Soul Collector

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[v·e] Soul Collector R collec.gif
The number of dead citizens' souls collected in the World Beyond
Category Distinctions
Sub Category Normal Distinctions

So, you've wandered across an Item soul blue.gifItem soul blue.gifAimless Soul Aimless Soul (or intentionally for all I know), and you've picked it up so some day in the future you will manipulate the poor thing even though it's the spirit of a dead friend. Why can't you just leave your former neighbors alone?



  • 2× = Type 4 Encounter
  • 10× = Have you got a light?
  • 20× = Psychic for rent
  • 30× = Amophilis psychotropia
  • 50× = Blue Fire-breather
  • 80× = I see dead people 0_0
  • 120× = Who you gonna call?
  • 180× = Don't cross the streams


  • In Season 5:
    • R collec.gifR collec.gifSoul Collector Soul Collector was added.
  • The 2× title is probably a typo, intending to be "Type 4 Encounter".
    • Type 4 encounter refers to a "close encounter" (UFO or alien sighting), and the fourth type is an alien abduction of a human. Here it may refer to the Small human.gifSmall human.gifCitizen Citizen collecting ("abducting") the lost soul.
  • The 120x title is probably a reference to the movie "Ghostbusters".
  • Players used to be able to leave a soul outside of town and let every citizen pick up and drop the soul, all earning this distinction once or even multiple times a day. However, this bug was fixed when Item soul blue.gifItem soul blue.gifWeak Soul Weak souls were added.