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It turns out, you've been quite drunk last night, and stole a few items out of the bank. In response for your careless actions, the community has banned you from various tasks around the town, and all that's left for you now, is to dig through the town's garbage, and hope to find something other than the yesterday's dirt from their Item basic suit dirt.gifItem basic suit dirt.gifDirty Uniform Dirty Uniform.


The Small ban.gifSmall ban.gifShunned Shunned are those rejected by the rest of the Small falsecity.gifSmall falsecity.gifTown Town. Usually this is a punishment for bad behaviour, although a small fraction may be dumpster diving by choice: only the shunned can search the town's refuse for . It is much harder to survive when shunned as you cannot receive help and take items from the town without the cooperation of those who shunned you. Shunned citizens are also less useful to the town, however by Small gather.gifSmall gather.gifScavenging Scavenging outside and in the refuse, they can prove their worth to the town and find some unique items.

Being shunned

After receiving 8 complaints (and neither the R dhang.gifR dhang.gifGallows Gallows nor Small fleshcage.gifSmall fleshcage.gifMeat Locker Meat Locker have been built), a Small human.gifSmall human.gifCitizen Citizen will be shunned. If either has been built, a player will immediately be R dhang.gifR dhang.gifHangings Hanged or Small death.gifSmall death.gifDeath Killed for temporary Item plate.gifItem plate.gifDefence Defence, respectively.

When shunned, some items are removed from their Item bag.gifItem bag.gifInventory Inventory and Small home.gifSmall home.gifHome Personal Chest: Tag 2.gifTag 2.gifResources Resources (but not Item electro box.gifItem electro box.gifBroken Electronic Device Broken Electronic Device), Item cutcut.gifItem cutcut.gifArmoury Weapons, Small def.gifSmall def.gifDefences Defence Objects, and R drug.gifR drug.gifPharmacy Drugs. The following remain, however: Item deco box.gifItem deco box.gifFurniture Furniture, Item meat.gifItem meat.gifFood Food and Item repair kit part raw.gifItem repair kit part raw.gifMiscellaneous items Miscellaneous items. Although there are a few exceptions to this rule, if the citizen's find a Item leprechaun suit.gifItem leprechaun suit.gifGreen Imp Suit Green Imp Suit or Item radio on.gifItem radio on.gifRadio Cassette Player Radio Cassette Player among your possessions for example, they will take it even though it's listed as Miscellaneous in the Bank.


Shunned players are no longer able to:

You cannot send a global message when you have been shunned.


The shunned have a few special abilities.

Rucksack hiding

Hiding items Small world.gifSmall world.gifWorld Beyond Outside. For 2 Small pa.gif the contents of a shunned citizen's Item bag.gifItem bag.gifInventory Inventory may be buried in a zone. Other shunned citizen's can see this cache and collect items from it. Normal citizen's may stumble upon it while Small gather.gifSmall gather.gifScavenging Searching. When a shunned citizen dies they leave a Item banned note.gifItem banned note.gifBanned Citizen's Note Banned Citizen's Note at their Small home.gifSmall home.gifHome Home which gives the location of their buried objects. Upon clicking the button to hide the objects, the game will state: "You spend a while hiding all the obects on your person... Ha Ha... You have used 2 action points."

Search the refuse

The town's refuse can be searched 3 times per day for 1 Small pa.gif each (4 times if you are a Item pelle.gifItem pelle.gifScavenger Scavenger). The refuse can be reached by exiting the Small falsecity.gifSmall falsecity.gifTown Town through the Small door closed.gifSmall door closed.gifTown Gates Town Gates but not moving away from it. In the refuse you will commonly find:

Sometimes you will make a lucky find (~12.5% chance) and discover:

Assembling items found in the wastes (mentioned in the 1st group) counts towards R solban.gifR solban.gifEmancipation of the Shunned Emancipation of the Shunned distinction. Although you are also able to search the town refuse and assemble the items when the town is in chaos mode, assembling above mentioned items will only give a distinction when you are Small ban.gifSmall ban.gifShunned Shunned.

Start an insurrection

Every day the shunned may work towards starting an insurrection. Every shunned citizen must work on the insurrection every day to increase the chance of success. The more shunned there are in a Small falsecity.gifSmall falsecity.gifTown Town, the faster the insurrection happens. Upon completion of the plotting and planning, all non-shunned citizens become shunned and all shunned citizens have their shunned status revoked. An insurrection can only happen once per town.


If a town constructs the Small redemption.gifSmall redemption.gifAltar Altar, all citizens will be unshunned and existing complaints will be removed.

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