Season 12

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Season 12: Demonocracy started on December 07, 2015. The following changes have been made:

  • Improvements
    • Heroes with the "Mayor" bonus can now create private towns that are even more unique, you can control everything (although from memory I haven't finished translating the interface).
    • Tortured Souls still need to be recovered, but they won't be as violent as before. The attack should be more balanced now...
    • Souls will now be generated at more manageable distances from the town...
    • Purified souls count towards the defence of the town.
    • Souls kept in your house will give you a personal defence bonus.
    • The meat locker now takes priority over the gallows, if both have been built.
    • Drunks now have "a chance" of randomly wounding a person when posting on the forums. This costs 1 AP as being an aggressive drunk takes energy none the less...
    • You can no longer repair a project if it's parent project has been destroyed.
    • Some of the smileys are back.
  • Minor Changes
    • The attack estimations are now more... Precise...
    • The external API now gives direct access to a zone.
    • Added some explanation for when a payer has been elected as Shaman.
    • Added a popup that let's you know when you've passed 100 soul points. This way you know when you're no longer a complete noob.
    • Got rid of the basic view for the construction sites. You'r in detailed view by default now.
    • Fixed a problem relating to the chance of being wounded or terrorised during the attack.
    • Added some distinctions and such for being wounded in town.
  • Bug fixes:
    • In no particular order:
      • If a player is wounded or terrorised in a ruin, they are immediately ejected.
      • Added the general register for D1 in the Gazette.
      • Changes the name of the "Shaman points" .
      • Improved the creation of post-it threads in the town forums.
      • Fixed the double soul in the bank problem.
      • Fixed the disappearing Shamanic Potion.
      • Ended the 'pre-vote' for the wall upgrade.
      • The Day 8 rule has been refined. You need to reach the attack on the night of day 7 and die from something directly related to this attack in town. For example: being on the watch, when the watch is overrun, a body not being dragged out of town that comes to life and kills you...
      • The Day 8 rule now correctly take into account the points accumulated from the beginning of the town.
      • The laser point won't go off by itself now.
      • Slightly changed the way rankings are calculated.
      • Objects lost by citizens who were auto-searching and don't log back in are now left on the ground.