Screaming Alarm Clock (incomplete)

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[v·e] Screaming Alarm Clock (incomplete) Item reveil off.gif
There's nothing quite like a good alarm to stimulate the old ear drums of a morning.
Small human.gifSmall human.gifProfessional tool Professional tool (cannot be dropped)
Category Items
Sub Category Professional tools

The Item reveil off.gifItem reveil off.gifScreaming Alarm Clock (incomplete) Screaming Alarm Clock (incomplete) is the prize given to the reigning champions of Die2Nite. This is the unwound form that needs to be wound before giving a 1 Small pa.gif bonus everyday.




  • This item is only granted for the season following a victory (#1 in ranked towns). When the season ends, it no longer appears in the champion's Item bag.gifItem bag.gifInventory Inventory, unless the champion wins again.