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This page lists all known Ruins by type number as used by the games internal database and visible via the xml feeds. There are currently 61 ruins along with Buried building and Town, ruin 26 is currently unknown. The games internal workings are common across all language versions so type numbers correspond to the same ruins from any version.

type Building
-1 Ruin -1.gif Buried building
0 Probably used for absence of a ruin
1 Probably used for the Ruin 1.gif Town
2 Ruin 2.gifRuin 2.gifPlane Crash Site Plane Crash Site
3 Ruin 3.gifRuin 3.gifOld Hydraulic Pump Old Hydraulic Pump
4 Ruin 4.gifRuin 4.gifDerelict Villa Derelict Villa
5 Ruin 5.gifRuin 5.gifLooted Supermarket Looted Supermarket
6 Ruin 6.gifRuin 6.gifCosmetics Lab Cosmetics Lab
7 Ruin 7.gifRuin 7.gifWrecked Cars Wrecked Cars
8 Ruin 8.gifRuin 8.gifOld Police Station Old Police Station
9 Ruin 9.gifRuin 9.gifShady Bar Shady Bar
10 Ruin 10.gifRuin 10.gifNuclear Bunker Nuclear Bunker
11 Ruin 11.gifRuin 11.gifFairground Stall Fairground Stall
12 Ruin 12.gifRuin 12.gifSmall House Small House
13 Ruin 13.gifRuin 13.gifDark Woods Dark Woods
14 Ruin 14.gifRuin 14.gifDisused Car Park Disused Car Park
15 Ruin 15.gifRuin 15.gifAbandoned Construction Site Abandoned Construction Site
16 Ruin 16.gifRuin 16.gifBurnt School Burnt School
17 Ruin 17.gifRuin 17.gifDestroyed Pharmacy Destroyed Pharmacy
18 Ruin 18.gifRuin 18.gifFast Food Restaurant Fast Food Restaurant
19 Ruin 19.gifRuin 19.gifHome Depot Home Depot
20 Ruin 20.gifRuin 20.gifCitizen's Home Citizen's Home
21 Ruin 21.gifRuin 21.gifWater Processing Plant Water Processing Plant
22 Ruin 22.gifRuin 22.gifGuns 'n' Zombies Armoury Guns 'n' Zombies Armoury
23 Ruin 23.gifRuin 23.gifFraser D's Kebab-ish Fraser D's Kebab-ish
24 Ruin 24.gifRuin 24.gifOld Bicycle Hire Shop Old Bicycle Hire Shop
25 Ruin 25.gifRuin 25.gifDuke's Villa Duke's Villa
26 Ruin 26.gif Unknown
27 Ruin 27.gifRuin 27.gifCave Cave
28 Ruin 28.gifRuin 28.gifFamily Tomb Family Tomb
29 Ruin 29.gifRuin 29.gifAbandoned Park Abandoned Park
30 Ruin 30.gifRuin 30.gifCollapsed Quarry Collapsed Quarry
31 Ruin 31.gifRuin 31.gifBlocked Road Blocked Road
32 Ruin 32.gifRuin 32.gifEquipped Trench Equipped Trench
33 Ruin 33.gifRuin 33.gifSmugglers' Cache Smugglers' Cache
34 Ruin 34.gifRuin 34.gifDisused Warehouse Disused Warehouse
35 Ruin 35.gifRuin 35.gifWrecked Transporter Wrecked Transporter
36 Ruin 36.gifRuin 36.gifAmbulance Ambulance
37 Ruin 37.gifRuin 37.gifIndian Burial Ground Indian Burial Ground
38 Ruin 38.gifRuin 38.gifMac's Atomic Cafe Mac's Atomic Cafe
39 Ruin 39.gifRuin 39.gifDisused Silos Disused Silos
40 Ruin 40.gifRuin 40.gifPI-KEYA Furniture PI-KEYA Furniture
41 Ruin 41.gifRuin 41.gifScottish Smith's Superstore Scottish Smith's Superstore
42 Ruin 42.gifRuin 42.gifMini-Market Mini-Market
43 Ruin 43.gifRuin 43.gifConstruction Site Shelter Construction Site Shelter
44 Ruin 44.gifRuin 44.gifGarden Shed Garden Shed
45 Ruin 45.gifRuin 45.gifTown Library Town Library
46 Ruin 46.gifRuin 46.gifPost Office Post Office
47 Ruin 47.gifRuin 47.gifWarehouse Warehouse
48 Ruin 48.gifRuin 48.gifOld Aerodrome Old Aerodrome
49 Ruin 49.gifRuin 49.gifDilapidated Building Dilapidated Building
50 Ruin 50.gifRuin 50.gifCitizen's Tent Citizen's Tent
51 Ruin 51.gifRuin 51.gifMotel 666 Dusk Motel 666 Dusk
52 Ruin 52.gifRuin 52.gifCollapsed Mineshaft Collapsed Mineshaft
53 Ruin 53.gifRuin 53.gifDeserted Freight Yard Deserted Freight Yard
54 Ruin 54.gifRuin 54.gifOld Field Hospital Old Field Hospital
55 Ruin 55.gifRuin 55.gifArmy Outpost Army Outpost
56 Ruin 56.gifRuin 56.gifThe 'Mayor-Mobile' The 'Mayor-Mobile'
57 Ruin 57.gifRuin 57.gifOnce-inhabited Cave Once-inhabited Cave
58 Ruin 58.gifRuin 58.gifBroken-down Tank Broken-down Tank
59 Ruin 59.gifRuin 59.gifStrange Circular Device Strange Circular Device
60 Ruin 60.gifRuin 60.gifAbandonned Well Abandonned Well
61 Ruin 61.gifRuin 61.gifMotorway Services Motorway Services
62 Ruin 62.gifRuin 62.gifThe 'Shattered Illusions' Bar The 'Shattered Illusions' Bar
63 - 99 Unused
100 Ruin 100.gifRuin 100.gifAbandoned Bunker Abandoned Bunker
101 Ruin 101.gifRuin 101.gifAbandoned Hotel Abandoned Hotel
102 Ruin 102.gifRuin 102.gifAbandoned Hospital Abandoned Hospital