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See also Explorable Ruins

Certain locations will allow a second free action aside from searching the area; each citizen will be allowed to explore a special structure or building, once per day. You cannot auto-search the structure. Exploring a structure will not interrupt your timer if you are auto-searching the zone in which it is located.

However, like areas get depleted, buildings will get emptied out. Unlike depleted areas, which still give the chance of a low-quality material being found, emptied structures yield nothing. Attempting to explore a depleted structure alerts you that nothing is to be found, and you will not actually Explore the structure -- so a Scout will not lose their camouflage, and you can repeat the Explore attempt as often as you like (if you really like clicking buttons.)

Structures can be undepleted by storms (seen by the Small gather.gifSmall gather.gifSearch Tower Searchtower) in the same way as zones, and the structure is checked independently of the zone it is in -- either the structure or the zone can become undepleted, or both, or neither.

Buried buildings are hidden by undergrowth or debris and require clearing before they can be explored. This can be done using Small pa.gif or Item digger.gifItem digger.gifNess-Quick Weedkiller Ness-Quick Weedkiller. The latter is naturally preferable.


When exploring a structure, if you find something you'll be told:

Gut-wrenching fear grips you as you search the (Structure Name)... However, it wasn't a waste of time, because you manage to find the Item broken.gifItem broken.gifRuins something....

If you don't find anything:

After exhaustive searching, the only thing you have discovered is the emptiness of wasted time...

If the structure is depleted:

After a sneaky scout around the building, you are sure there is nothing left to recover. Shame...

List of Ruins

# Image Ruin Items
100 Ruin 100.gif
Abandoned Bunker
15 Ruin 15.gif
Abandoned Construction Site
102 Ruin 102.gif
Abandoned Hospital
101 Ruin 101.gif
Abandoned Hotel
29 Ruin 29.gif
Abandoned Park
60 Ruin 60.gif
Abandonned Well
36 Ruin 36.gif
55 Ruin 55.gif
Army Outpost
31 Ruin 31.gif
Blocked Road
58 Ruin 58.gif
Broken-down Tank
16 Ruin 16.gif
Burnt School
27 Ruin 27.gif
20 Ruin 20.gif
Citizen's Home
50 Ruin 50.gif
Citizen's Tent
52 Ruin 52.gif
Collapsed Mineshaft
30 Ruin 30.gif
Collapsed Quarry
43 Ruin 43.gif
Construction Site Shelter
6 Ruin 6.gif
Cosmetics Lab
13 Ruin 13.gif
Dark Woods
4 Ruin 4.gif
Derelict Villa
53 Ruin 53.gif
Deserted Freight Yard
17 Ruin 17.gif
Destroyed Pharmacy
49 Ruin 49.gif
Dilapidated Building
14 Ruin 14.gif
Disused Car Park
39 Ruin 39.gif
Disused Silos
34 Ruin 34.gif
Disused Warehouse
25 Ruin 25.gif
Duke's Villa
32 Ruin 32.gif
Equipped Trench
11 Ruin 11.gif
Fairground Stall
28 Ruin 28.gif
Family Tomb
18 Ruin 18.gif
Fast Food Restaurant
23 Ruin 23.gif
Fraser D's Kebab-ish
44 Ruin 44.gif
Garden Shed
22 Ruin 22.gif
Guns 'n' Zombies Armoury
19 Ruin 19.gif
Home Depot
37 Ruin 37.gif
Indian Burial Ground
5 Ruin 5.gif
Looted Supermarket
38 Ruin 38.gif
Mac's Atomic Cafe
56 Ruin 56.gif
The 'Mayor-Mobile'
42 Ruin 42.gif
51 Ruin 51.gif
Motel 666 Dusk
61 Ruin 61.gif
Motorway Services
10 Ruin 10.gif
Nuclear Bunker
48 Ruin 48.gif
Old Aerodrome
24 Ruin 24.gif
Old Bicycle Hire Shop
54 Ruin 54.gif
Old Field Hospital
3 Ruin 3.gif
Old Hydraulic Pump
8 Ruin 8.gif
Old Police Station
57 Ruin 57.gif
Once-inhabited Cave
40 Ruin 40.gif
PI-KEYA Furniture
2 Ruin 2.gif
Plane Crash Site
46 Ruin 46.gif
Post Office
41 Ruin 41.gif
Scottish Smith's Superstore
9 Ruin 9.gif
Shady Bar
62 Ruin 62.gif
The 'Shattered Illusions' Bar
12 Ruin 12.gif
Small House
33 Ruin 33.gif
Smugglers' Cache
59 Ruin 59.gif
Strange Circular Device
45 Ruin 45.gif
Town Library
47 Ruin 47.gif
21 Ruin 21.gif
Water Processing Plant
7 Ruin 7.gif
Wrecked Cars
35 Ruin 35.gif
Wrecked Transporter

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