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Texts are given by roleplay items which can be found in the World Beyond or inside roleplay boxes.

Each new text you discover gives you 1 point towards the R rp.gifR rp.gifRoleplayer Roleplayer distinction. They can be read under the Texts tab in your soul. Warning: Spoilers.

Also, note that the "Letter to Father Christmas" can only be obtained from Item rp letter.gifItem rp letter.gifA letter with no address A letter with no address, which was given to everyone during christmas 2010. It also does not count towards any distinctions.

In contrast to many other items the distinction is given regardless of the way you die.

Roleplay Items

Items that give roleplay texts.

You examine the Item broken.gifItem broken.gifRoleplay texts something... closely... You find a text, seemingly entitled " ? ". You read it intently... A new text has been added to your documents !

List of texts