Professional Survivalist

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[v·e] Professional Survivalist R jermit.gif
Days spent as a survivalist, eating roots, worms and other such delicacies.
Category Distinctions
Sub Category Normal Distinctions

You roam the deserts with a R jermit.gifR jermit.gifSurvival Guide Book that can only be used to keep yourself alive. It's a tad bit selfish, but nobody plays selfless post apocalypse anyway.



Depending on days spent as Hero Item surv book.gifItem surv book.gifSurvivalist Survivalist, you can earn next titles:

  • 10× = Wormfinder General
  • 25× = Master Rootfinder
  • 75× = Insatiable Citizen
  • 150x = Rat Roaster
  • 300x = Friends? Who needs 'em!
  • 800x = Lonely...I'm so lonely


  • A day is considered complete if you survive, or if you die from Small fight.gifSmall fight.gifThe Attack The Attack on or past day 5.