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Mr Writer

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[v·e] Mr Writer Item rp sheets.gif
Now you can send Private Messages to all the citizens in your town at once (from the Messages section in your House). You can also start "RP" threads in the forums (please do not abuse this !).
Category Skills
Sub Category Active skills
Hero days to unlock 15
Write to Everybody

With Mr Writer, a skill earned after amassing 15 hero days, you can send a message to every citizen in your town. When you send a message, there will be an option to, "Write to Everybody". Also included with the skill is the ability to start RP threads.

RP Threads


In RP threads you have created, you have the option to edit posts. This process does not delete the post. Rather, it hides the text with a spoiler tag, showing only the word "Édité" (The French word for 'edited.') When you roll your mouse over the script, the original message is revealed.


  • If you use the Mr Writer skill while the town is dead but you, the following message will display: "You are alone. Nobody is going to answer you, give it up. Anyways, what does it matter ? You are almost certainly going to die tonight..."

Note: If you lose hero status while in town, or the thread gets locked (by reaching 1000 replies), you can no longer edit any of the posts in the thread.