Mist Spray

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[v·e] 1142 Mist Spray Small watercanon.gif
A nice fine mist to water the beds of zombies growing near the gates
Category Buildings
Sub Category Pump
Item bplan u.gifItem bplan u.gifBlueprints Blueprint Item bplan u.gifItem bplan u.gifConstruction Blueprint (uncommon) uncommon
Small parent.gif Parent building Small water.gifSmall water.gifPump Pump
Small def.gif Defence Small def.gif 80
Small pa.gif Action Points cost Small pa.gif 40
Tag 2.gif Resource cost Item wood2.gifItem wood2.gifTwisted Plank×5 Item metal.gifItem metal.gifWrought Iron×5 Item metal beam.gifItem metal beam.gifMetal Support×5 Item water.gifItem water.gifWater Ration×15

The force of this spray isn't quite as powerful as the Small sprinkler.gifSmall sprinkler.gifAutomatic Sprinklers Automatic Sprinkler, but it melts down quite a few zombies as well.


  • Building it gives 80 Small def.gif to the town.


  • In Season 3:
    • Small watercanon.gifSmall watercanon.gifMist Spray Mist Spray was added.