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Items in the miscellaneous category of the bank. These items tend to be components for making other items, broken items, animals, and items useful in the world beyond.

Incomplete Items

Incomplete items need repairing before they can be used, usually with resources and components.


Components need combining with resources or constructing in the workshop to form complete items.


Animals are best used as food after being taken to the Item meat.gifItem meat.gifButcher Butcher. They can also be used as weapons; though typically poor weapons, they will always "distract" at least one zombie. Details are at the Armoury.

The following animals are classified differently because of their special properties, but are animals in appearance.


Blueprints can be read in town to unlock new buildings in the Item metal beam.gifItem metal beam.gifConstruction Sites Construction Sites.

Roleplay Items

Items that give roleplay texts when used.

You examine the Item broken.gifItem broken.gifMiscellaneous items something... closely... You find a text, seemingly entitled " ? ". You read it intently... A new text has been added to your documents !

Fun and Games

Games that may restore Small pa.gif, trinkets that grant or remove Status tired.gifStatus tired.gifStatus Statuses, and items for "playing" with your fellow citizens.

Expedition Supplies

Items usable in the Small world.gifSmall world.gifWorld Beyond World Beyond to make expeditions a little easier.


Items used around town to fix and make things.


Items that can be used to improve your campsite and increase your chance of survival during Small camp.gifSmall camp.gifCamping Camping.


Items used to open doors in Small enter.gifSmall enter.gifExplorable Ruins Explorable Ruins.

Guard Weapons

Items with the sole purpose of being put into a R guard.gifR guard.gifWatchmen Watchman's inventory while on watch. Excludes items in other categories (eg Item chair.gifItem chair.gifRocking Chair Rocking Chair under furnitures or Item pet chick.gifItem pet chick.gifChicken Chicken under animals)


Useless objects.