Meat Locker

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[v·e] 1122 Meat Locker Small fleshcage.gif
Popular justice in all its glory! When a citizen is shunned they can be sent to the cage, which is judiciously located in plain sight, in front of the gates to the town. Their wailing and crying makes a great lure at midnight. Each shunned citizen sent to the cage earns temporary defence points for the town.
Category Buildings
Sub Category Foundations
Small parent.gif Parent building Small building.gifSmall building.gifFoundations Foundations
Small pa.gif Action Points cost Small pa.gif 40
Tag 2.gif Resource cost Item metal.gifItem metal.gifWrought Iron×8 Item wood beam.gifItem wood beam.gifPatchwork Beam×1 Item meca parts.gifItem meca parts.gifHandful of nuts and bolts×2 Item chair basic.gifItem chair basic.gifEktorp-Gluten Chair×1

Still killing off annoying citizens with the R dhang.gifR dhang.gifGallows Gallows? Well, some people like it the old-fashioned way, but now there is a new method to get rid of those pesky Griefers: it's 200% more beneficial to town, 150% more enjoyable to watch, and 300% more gruesome. What is the latest fashionable way? Simple. We strap the guy to a Item chair basic.gifItem chair basic.gifEktorp-Gluten Chair Ektorp-Gluten Chair just outside the Small door closed.gifSmall door closed.gifTown Gates Town Gates, and watch him distract 40 or so zombies during the attack...


  • If the Meat Locker is built, citizens who gets Small ban.gifSmall ban.gifShunned Shunned will be instantly killed in it (the death message implies that they were lapidated to death after being slammed inside). This means that the shunned/killed citizen will be able to reincarnate and join a new town immediately.
  • The death of this Small human.gifSmall human.gifCitizen Citizen will provide temporary defense to the town.


  • In Season 7:
  • The Meat Locker should be built only in times of dire need and in a well-coordinated town, as groups of griefers can attempt to target specific active players in order to have less competition for LMS, or simply to kill off the town faster.
  • Building the Meat Locker effectively makes the R dhang.gifR dhang.gifGallows Gallows obsolete, as it serves the same purpose, can be reused at will, and provides temporary defense for every killed citizen.
  • Being killed in the Meat Locker will NOT count towards the R ban.gifR ban.gifBanishments Banishments or R dhang.gifR dhang.gifHangings Hangings Distinctions, unless the Small human.gifSmall human.gifCitizen Citizen was already shunned before the Meat Locker was built.