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An example of a large map.

Maps are square. Your initial town can be placed somehow "off-centre", i.e. not in the center of the map.


Different types of towns have different maps.

For local towns, the map is small - 12x12, and always has 10 R ruine.gifR ruine.gifRuins Ruins and 1 Small enter.gifSmall enter.gifExplorable Ruins Explorable Ruin.

For distant/hardcore towns, the map is much larger - 23x23 to 27x27.

Zombie numbers

Each zone of the square has a color. Different color indicate a specific estimated amount of zombies.

  • Dark green: No zombies
  • Light green: 1-3 zombies (when hovered over, display the text "Isolated zombies")
  • Brown: 2-5 zombies (when hovered over, display the text "pack of zombies")
  • Deep red: 4+ zombies (when hovered over, display the text "horde of zombies")

Zombies respawn every day. Don't expect the zones always stay the same.

R ruine.gifR ruine.gifRuins Ruins will start with 4+ zombies, but in zones within 1-2Small pa.gif from the town will have fewer zombies.



Please visit the talk page to aid us in our research on bigger maps.

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