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This page lists all known items by id number as used by the games internal database and visible via the xml feeds. The games internal workings are common across all language versions so id numbers correspond to the same items from any version.

id Item Category
1 Item water.gifItem water.gifWater Ration Water Ration Food
2 Item pile.gifItem pile.gifBattery Battery Rsc
3 Item can.gifItem can.gifCan Can Food
4 Item can open.gifItem can open.gifOpen Can Open Can Food
5 Item pilegun.gifItem pilegun.gifBattery Launcher 1-ITF (loaded) Battery Launcher 1-ITF (loaded) Weapon
7 Item taser.gifItem taser.gifTaser Taser Weapon
8 Item watergun opt empty.gifItem watergun opt empty.gifAqua-Splash (empty) Aqua-Splash (empty) Weapon
9 Item mixergun.gifItem mixergun.gifElectric Whisk (charged) Electric Whisk (charged) Weapon
10 Item chainsaw.gifItem chainsaw.gifChainsaw (loaded) Chainsaw (loaded) Weapon
11 Item lawn.gifItem lawn.gifLawnmower Lawnmower Weapon
13 Item wrench.gifItem wrench.gifAdjustable Spanner Adjustable Spanner Weapon
14 Item screw.gifItem screw.gifScrewdriver Screwdriver Weapon
15 Item staff.gifItem staff.gifStaff Staff Weapon
16 Item knife.gifItem knife.gifSerrated Knife Serrated Knife Weapon
17 Item cutcut.gifItem cutcut.gifMachete Machete Weapon
18 Item small knife.gifItem small knife.gifPathetic Penknife Pathetic Penknife Weapon
19 Item swiss knife.gifItem swiss knife.gifSwiss Army Knife Swiss Army Knife Weapon
20 Item cutter.gifItem cutter.gifBox Cutter Box Cutter Weapon
22 Item cart.gifItem cart.gifShopping Trolley Shopping Trolley Box
23 Item can opener.gifItem can opener.gifCan Opener Can Opener Weapon
25 Item bag.gifItem bag.gifManbag Manbag Box
26 Item lights.gifItem lights.gifBox of Matches Box of Matches Misc
28 Item xanax.gifItem xanax.gifValium Shot Valium Shot Drug
29 Item chair.gifItem chair.gifRocking Chair Rocking Chair Furniture
30 Item rp book.gifItem rp book.gifDusty Book Dusty Book Misc
31 Item bed.gifItem bed.gifMattress Mattress Armor
32 Item lamp.gifItem lamp.gifBedside Lamp (off) Bedside Lamp (off) Furniture
33 Item carpet.gifItem carpet.gifPersian Rug Persian Rug Furniture
34 Item music part.gifItem music part.gifMini HI-Fi (Broken) Mini HI-Fi (Broken) Furniture
35 Item lock.gifItem lock.gifPadlock and Chain Padlock and Chain Furniture
36 Item door carpet.gifItem door carpet.gifDoormat Doormat Furniture
38 Item dice.gifItem dice.gifDice Dice Misc
39 Item engine.gifItem engine.gifEngine Engine Misc
40 Item courroie.gifItem courroie.gifBelt Belt Rsc
41 Item meca parts.gifItem meca parts.gifHandful of nuts and bolts Handful of nuts and bolts Rsc
42 Item pet chick.gifItem pet chick.gifChicken Chicken Misc
43 Item pet pig.gifItem pet pig.gifStinking Pig Stinking Pig Misc
44 Item pet rat.gifItem pet rat.gifGiant Rat Giant Rat Misc
45 Item pet dog.gifItem pet dog.gifGuard Dog Guard Dog Armor
46 Item pet cat.gifItem pet cat.gifFat Cat Fat Cat Furniture
47 Item pet snake.gifItem pet snake.gifHuge Snake (Ophiophagus trouser) Huge Snake (Ophiophagus trouser) Misc
48 Item vibr.gifItem vibr.gifBig Rubber D*** (charged) Pocket Vibrator (charged) Misc
51 Item drug.gifItem drug.gifAnabolic Steroids Anabolic Steroids Drug
52 Item meat.gifItem meat.gifTasty-looking Steak Tasty-looking Steak Food
53 Item undef.gifItem undef.gifUnspecified Meat Unspecified Meat Food
54 Item sheet.gifItem sheet.gifGroundsheet Groundsheet Misc
56 Item bagxl.gifItem bagxl.gifUltra-Rucksack Ultra-Rucksack Box
58 Item jerrycan.gifItem jerrycan.gifFull Jerrycan Full Jerrycan Misc
59 Item wood2.gifItem wood2.gifTwisted Plank Twisted Plank Rsc
60 Item metal.gifItem metal.gifWrought Iron Wrought Iron Rsc
62 Item grenade.gifItem grenade.gifWater Bomb Water Bomb Weapon
64 Item plate.gifItem plate.gifSheet Metal Sheet Metal Armor
65 Item jerrygun part.gifItem jerrygun part.gifJerrycan Pump (unattached) Jerrycan Pump (unattached) Misc
66 Item bandage.gifItem bandage.gifBandage Bandage Drug
69 Item vodka.gifItem vodka.gifVodka Marinostov Vodka Marinostov Food
70 Item jerrygun off.gifItem jerrygun off.gifJerrycan Pump (empty) Jerrycan Pump (empty) Weapon
73 Item explo.gifItem explo.gifSemtex Semtex Rsc
74 Item hmeat.gifItem hmeat.gifHuman Flesh Human Flesh Food
76 Item grenade empty.gifItem grenade empty.gifPlastic Bag Plastic Bag Weapon
77 Item bgrenade.gifItem bgrenade.gifExploding Water Bomb Exploding Water Bomb Weapon
78 Item bgrenade empty.gifItem bgrenade empty.gifPlastic Bag and Semtex Plastic Bag and Semtex Weapon
79 Item chainsaw part.gifItem chainsaw part.gifIncomplete Chainsaw Incomplete Chainsaw Misc
80 Item mixergun part.gifItem mixergun part.gifIncomplete Whisk Incomplete Whisk Misc
81 Item rustine.gifItem rustine.gifDuct Tape Duct Tape Rsc
82 Item lawn part.gifItem lawn part.gifDismantled Mower Dismantled Mower Misc
84 Item tube.gifItem tube.gifCopper Pipe Copper Pipe Rsc
85 Item cart part.gifItem cart part.gifWonky Shopping Trolley Wonky Shopping Trolley Misc
88 Item pocket belt.gifItem pocket belt.gifUtility belt Utility belt Box
89 Item drug hero.gifItem drug hero.gifTwinoid 500mg Twinoid 500mg Drug
90 Item chest.gifItem chest.gifChest Chest Box
91 Item chest xl.gifItem chest xl.gifLarge Chest Large Chest Box
92 Item chest tools.gifItem chest tools.gifToolbox Toolbox Box
93 Item lamp on.gifItem lamp on.gifBedside Lamp (on) Bedside Lamp (on) Furniture
94 Item music.gifItem music.gifMini HiFi (on) Mini HiFi (on) Furniture
95 Item pharma.gifItem pharma.gifPharmaceutical Products Pharmaceutical Products Drug
96 Item plate raw.gifItem plate raw.gifSheet Metal (parts) Sheet Metal (parts) Misc
97 Item rhum.gifItem rhum.gif'Wake The Dead' 'Wake The Dead' Food
98 Item coffee.gifItem coffee.gifBloody hot coffee Bloody hot coffee Food
99 Item coffee machine.gifItem coffee machine.gifCafetière Cafetière Furniture
100 Item coffee machine part.gifItem coffee machine part.gifIncomplete Cafetière Incomplete Cafetière Misc
101 Item electro.gifItem electro.gifElectronic component Electronic component Rsc
102 Item chest citizen.gifItem chest citizen.gifCitizen's Welcome Pack Citizen's Welcome Pack Box
103 Item drug water.gifItem drug water.gifHydratone 100mg Hydratone 100mg Drug
104 Item radio off.gifItem radio off.gifRadio Cassette Player (no battery) Radio Cassette Player (no battery) Misc
105 Item radio on.gifItem radio on.gifRadio Cassette Player Radio Cassette Player Furniture
106 Item cyanure.gifItem cyanure.gifCyanide Cyanide Drug
107 Item door.gifItem door.gifOld Door Old Door Armor
108 Item vegetable.gifItem vegetable.gifSuspicious-looking Vegetable Suspicious-looking Vegetable Food
109 Item repair kit part.gifItem repair kit part.gifRepair Kit (damaged) Repair Kit (damaged) Misc
110 Item repair kit.gifItem repair kit.gifRepair Kit Repair Kit Misc
111 Item watergun empty.gifItem watergun empty.gifWater Pistol (empty) Water Pistol (empty) Weapon
112 Item watergun opt 3.gifItem watergun opt 3.gifAqua-Splash (3 shots) Aqua-Splash (3 shots) Weapon
113 Item watergun opt 2.gifItem watergun opt 2.gifAqua-Splash (2 shots) Aqua-Splash (2 shots) Weapon
114 Item watergun opt 1.gifItem watergun opt 1.gifAqua-Splash (1 shot) Aqua-Splash (1 shot) Weapon
115 Item mixergun empty.gifItem mixergun empty.gifElectric Whisk (incomplete) Electric Whisk (incomplete) Weapon
116 Item chainsaw empty.gifItem chainsaw empty.gifChainsaw (incomplete) Chainsaw (incomplete) Weapon
117 Item pilegun empty.gifItem pilegun empty.gifBattery Launcher 1-ITF (empty) Battery Launcher 1-ITF (empty) Weapon
118 Item taser empty.gifItem taser empty.gifTaser (incomplete) Taser (incomplete) Weapon
119 Item sport elec empty.gifItem sport elec empty.gifEMS System (incomplete) EMS System (incomplete) Misc
120 Item sport elec.gifItem sport elec.gifEMS System (charged) EMS System (charged) Misc
122 Item big pgun empty.gifItem big pgun empty.gifDevastator (empty) Devastator (empty) Weapon
123 Item big pgun.gifItem big pgun.gifDevastator (loaded) Devastator (loaded) Weapon
124 Item big pgun part.gifItem big pgun part.gifDevastator (incomplete) Devastator (incomplete) Misc
125 Item tagger.gifItem tagger.gifRadius Radar Beacon Radius Radar Beacon Misc
126 Item flare.gifItem flare.gifSpy Rocket Spy Rocket Misc
127 Item jerrygun.gifItem jerrygun.gifJerrycan Gun (ready) Jerrycan Gun (ready) Weapon
128 Item chair basic.gifItem chair basic.gifEktorp-Gluten Chair Ektorp-Gluten Chair Furniture
129 Item gun.gifItem gun.gifRevolver (empty) Revolver (empty) Furniture
130 Item machine gun.gifItem machine gun.gifMachine Gun (empty) Machine Gun (empty) Furniture
132 Item deto.gifItem deto.gifCompact Detonator Compact Detonator Rsc
133 Item concrete.gifItem concrete.gifBag of Cement Bag of Cement Misc
134 Item concrete wall.gifItem concrete wall.gifUnshaped Concrete Blocks Unshaped Concrete Blocks Armor
135 Item drug random.gifItem drug random.gifUnlabelled Drug Unlabelled Drug Drug
136 Item disinfect.gifItem disinfect.gifParacetoid 7g Paracetoid 7g Drug
137 Item digger.gifItem digger.gifNess-Quick Weedkiller Ness-Quick Weedkiller Misc
138 Item chest food.gifItem chest food.gifFood Parcel Food Parcel Food
139 Item food bag.gifItem food bag.gifDoggy Bag Doggy Bag Food
140 Item food bar1.gifItem food bar1.gifPacket of Soft Crisps Packet of Soft Crisps Food
141 Item food bar2.gifItem food bar2.gifMouldy Neapolitan Mouldy Neapolitan Food
142 Item food bar3.gifItem food bar3.gifDried Chewing Gum Dried Chewing Gum Food
143 Item food biscuit.gifItem food biscuit.gifRancid Jaffa Cakes Rancid Jaffa Cakes Food
144 Item food chick.gifItem food chick.gifHalf-eaten Chicken Wings Half-eaten Chicken Wings Food
145 Item food pims.gifItem food pims.gifOut-of-Date Biscuits Out-of-Date Biscuits Food
146 Item food tarte.gifItem food tarte.gifStale Tart Stale Tart Food
147 Item food sandw.gifItem food sandw.gifMouldy Ham Sandwich Mouldy Ham Sandwich Food
148 Item food noodles.gifItem food noodles.gifChinese Noodles Chinese Noodles Food
149 Item spices.gifItem spices.gifStrong Spices Strong Spices Misc
150 Item food noodles hot.gifItem food noodles hot.gifSpicy Chinese Noodles Spicy Chinese Noodles Food
151 Item cards.gifItem cards.gifIncomplete Deck of Cards Incomplete Deck of Cards Misc
152 Item game box.gifItem game box.gifBox of Games Box of Games Box
153 Item watergun opt part.gifItem watergun opt part.gifAqua-Splash (incomplete) Aqua-Splash (incomplete) Misc
154 Item vibr empty.gifItem vibr empty.gifBig Rubber D*** (incomplete) Pocket Vibrator (incomplete) Misc
157 Item bone meat.gifItem bone meat.gifMeaty Bone Meaty Bone Food
158 Item bone.gifItem bone.gifBroken Human Bone Broken Human Bone Weapon
159 Item wood beam.gifItem wood beam.gifPatchwork Beam Patchwork Beam Rsc
160 Item metal beam.gifItem metal beam.gifMetal Support Metal Support Rsc
161 Item metal bad.gifItem metal bad.gifScrap Metal Scrap Metal Rsc
162 Item wood bad.gifItem wood bad.gifRotting Log Rotting Log Rsc
163 Item saw tool.gifItem saw tool.gifHacksaw Hacksaw Misc
164 Item wood log.gifItem wood log.gifQuality Log Quality Log Furniture
165 Item electro box.gifItem electro box.gifBroken Electronic Device Broken Electronic Device Rsc
166 Item deco box.gifItem deco box.gifFlatpacked Furniture Flatpacked Furniture Misc
167 Item saw tool part.gifItem saw tool part.gifBroken Hacksaw Broken Hacksaw Misc
168 Item mecanism.gifItem mecanism.gifMechanism Mechanism Rsc
169 Item trestle.gifItem trestle.gifTrestle Trestle Armor
170 Item table.gifItem table.gifJärpen Table Järpen Table Armor
171 Item water cleaner.gifItem water cleaner.gifWater Purifying Tablets Water Purifying Tablets Drug
172 Item vegetable tasty.gifItem vegetable tasty.gifIntestine Melon Intestine Melon Food
173 Item powder.gifItem powder.gifFlash Powder Flash Powder Misc
174 Item flash.gifItem flash.gifFlash Grenade Flash Grenade Misc
175 Item teddy.gifItem teddy.gifTeddy Bear Teddy Bear Furniture
178 Item wood plate part.gifItem wood plate part.gifCrate Lid Crate Lid Misc
179 Item wood plate.gifItem wood plate.gifSolid Wooden Board Solid Wooden Board Armor
180 Item money.gifItem money.gifWad of Cash Wad of Cash Furniture
181 Item repair kit part raw.gifItem repair kit part raw.gifTool Bag Tool Bag Misc
182 Item radius mk2 part.gifItem radius mk2 part.gifRadius Mark II (incomplete) Radius Mark II (incomplete) Misc
183 Item radius mk2.gifItem radius mk2.gifRadius Mark II Radius Mark II Misc
184 Item repair one.gifItem repair one.gifKwik-Fix Kwik-Fix Misc
185 Item engine part.gifItem engine part.gifEngine (incomplete) Engine (incomplete) Misc
186 Item machine 1.gifItem machine 1.gifOld Washing Machine Old Washing Machine Furniture
187 Item machine 2.gifItem machine 2.gifCarcinogenic Oven Carcinogenic Oven Furniture
188 Item machine 3.gifItem machine 3.gifBeer Fridge Beer Fridge Furniture
189 Item rp letter.gifItem rp letter.gifA letter with no address A letter with no address Misc
190 Item rp scroll.gifItem rp scroll.gifScroll Scroll Misc
191 Item rp manual.gifItem rp manual.gifInstruction Manual Instruction Manual Misc
192 Item rp scroll.gifItem rp scroll.gifLabel Label Misc
193 Item rp book2.gifItem rp book2.gifIllegible Notebook Illegible Notebook Misc
194 Item rp book.gifItem rp book.gifPhoto Album Photo Album Misc
195 Item rp sheets.gifItem rp sheets.gifStack of Papers Stack of Papers Misc
196 Item chain.gifItem chain.gifRusty Chain Rusty Chain Weapon
197 Item dish.gifItem dish.gifDodgy Homemade Dish Dodgy Homemade Dish Food
198 Item dish tasty.gifItem dish tasty.gifTasty Homemade Dish Tasty Homemade Dish Food
199 Item home box xl.gifItem home box xl.gifIron Chest Iron Chest Furniture
200 Item home box.gifItem home box.gifBoxes Boxes Furniture
201 Item home def.gifItem home def.gifMakeshift Barricade Makeshift Barricade Furniture
202 Item book gen letter.gifItem book gen letter.gifEnvelope Envelope Box
203 Item book gen box.gifItem book gen box.gifParcel Parcel Box
204 Item fence.gifItem fence.gifWire Mesh Wire Mesh Furniture
205 Item watergun 3.gifItem watergun 3.gifWater Pistol (3 shots) Water Pistol (3 shots) Weapon
206 Item watergun 2.gifItem watergun 2.gifWater Pistol (2 shots) Water Pistol (2 shots) Weapon
207 Item watergun 1.gifItem watergun 1.gifWater Pistol (1 shot) Water Pistol (1 shot) Weapon
208 Item watergun opt 5.gifItem watergun opt 5.gifAqua-Splash (5 shots) Aqua-Splash (5 shots) Weapon
209 Item watergun opt 4.gifItem watergun opt 4.gifAqua-Splash (4 shots) Aqua-Splash (4 shots) Weapon
210 Item cigs.gifItem cigs.gifOpened packet of Cigarettes Opened packet of Cigarettes Misc
211 Item pilegun upkit.gifItem pilegun upkit.gifPUTA Mark II Calibrator PUTA Mark II Calibrator Misc
212 Item pilegun up empty.gifItem pilegun up empty.gifBattery Launcher Mk. II (empty) Battery Launcher Mk. II (empty) Weapon
213 Item pilegun up.gifItem pilegun up.gifBattery Launcher Mk. II (loaded) Battery Launcher Mk. II (loaded) Weapon
214 Item pile broken.gifItem pile broken.gifCrushed Battery Crushed Battery Misc
215 Item rsc pack 3.gifItem rsc pack 3.gifConstruction Kit (3) Construction Kit Box
216 Item rsc pack 2.gifItem rsc pack 2.gifConstruction Kit (2) Construction Kit Box
217 Item rsc pack 1.gifItem rsc pack 1.gifConstruction Kit (1) Construction Kit Box
218 Item car door.gifItem car door.gifCar Door Car Door Armor
219 Item car door part.gifItem car door part.gifCar Door (incomplete) Car Door (incomplete) Misc
220 Item poison.gifItem poison.gifVial of Poison Vial of Poison Misc
221 Item poison part.gifItem poison part.gifCorrosive Liquid Corrosive Liquid Misc
222 Item water poisoned.gifItem water poisoned.gifWater Ration (poisoned) Water Ration (poisoned) Food
223 Item drug poisoned.gifItem drug poisoned.gifAnabolic Steroids (poisoned) Anabolic Steroids (poisoned) Drug
224 Item can poisoned.gifItem can poisoned.gifOpen Can (poisoned) Open Can (poisoned) Food
225 Item chest hero.gifItem chest hero.gifShrewd citizen's stash Shrewd citizen's stash Box
226 Item postal box xl.gifItem postal box xl.gifLarge Gift Parcel Large Gift Parcel Box
227 Item postal box.gifItem postal box.gifGift Parcel Gift Parcel Box
229 Item food armag.gifItem food armag.gifLunch Box Armageddon Lunch Box Box
230 Item food candies.gifItem food candies.gifHandful of Sweets Handful of Sweets Food
231 Item out def.gifItem out def.gifSheet of Plywood Sheet of Plywood Misc
233 Item torch.gifItem torch.gifTorch Torch Armor
234 Item torch off.gifItem torch off.gifBurnt out Torch Burnt out Torch Weapon
235 Item chama.gifItem chama.gifDried Marshmallows Dried Marshmallows Food
236 Item chama tasty.gifItem chama tasty.gifBurnt Marshmallows Burnt Marshmallows Food
237 Item chest christmas 3.gifItem chest christmas 3.gifChristmas Present (3) Christmas Present Box
238 Item chest christmas 2.gifItem chest christmas 2.gifChristmas Present (2) Christmas Present Box
239 Item chest christmas 1.gifItem chest christmas 1.gifChristmas Present (1) Christmas Present Box
240 Item rp scroll.gif A piece of paper (christmas item, hordes)
241 Item christmas candy.gif Christmas chocolate (hordes)
242 Item pc.gifItem pc.gifPC Base Unit PC Base Unit Furniture
243 Item safe.gifItem safe.gifSafe Safe Box
244 Item rp twin.gifItem rp twin.gifEncyclopedia Encyclopedia Misc
245 Item water can empty.gifItem water can empty.gifWater Cooler Bottle (empty) Water Cooler Bottle (empty) Misc
246 Item water can 1.gifItem water can 1.gifWater Cooler Bottle (1 ration) Water Cooler Bottle (1 ration) Food
247 Item water can 2.gifItem water can 2.gifWater Cooler Bottle (2 rations) Water Cooler Bottle (2 rations) Food
248 Item water can 3.gifItem water can 3.gifWater Cooler Bottle (3 rations) Water Cooler Bottle (3 rations) Food
250 Item beta drug bad.gifItem beta drug bad.gifBetapropine 5mg (expired) Betapropine 5mg (expired) Drug
251 Item april drug.gif Black Neck Ooze? (hordes)
252 Item fruit sub part.gifItem fruit sub part.gifFleshrooms Fleshrooms Misc
253 Item fruit part.gifItem fruit part.gifSticky Pastry Ball Sticky Pastry Ball Misc
257 Item flesh part.gifItem flesh part.gifPound of Flesh Pound of Flesh Misc
258 Item flesh.gifItem flesh.gifGrisly Bomb Grisly Bomb Misc
259 Item pharma part.gifItem pharma part.gifThick Solution Thick Solution Drug
260 Item fruit.gifItem fruit.gifFleshroom Puree Fleshroom Puree Food
261 Item fruit poisoned.gifItem fruit poisoned.gifFleshroom Puree (poisoned) Fleshroom Puree (poisoned) Food
262 Item vegetable poisoned.gifItem vegetable poisoned.gifSuspicious-looking Vegetable (poisoned) Suspicious-looking Vegetable (poisoned) Food
263 Item water cup part.gifItem water cup part.gifStagnant Water Can Stagnant Water Can Misc
264 Item water cup.gifItem water cup.gifPurified Stagnant Water Purified Stagnant Water Food
265 Item banned note.gifItem banned note.gifBanned Citizen's Note Banned Citizen's Note Misc
270 Item infect poison part.gifItem infect poison part.gifBloody Dressing Bloody Dressing Misc
271 Toxin?
272 infected item?
273 Item drug.gifItem drug.gifAnabolic Steroids Anabolic Steroids (infected) Drug
274 infected item?
275 infected item?
276 infected item?
277 Item teddy.gifItem teddy.gifCursed Cuddly Toy Cursed Cuddly Toy Furniture
281 Item woodsteak.gifItem woodsteak.gifSawdustSteak SawdustSteak Food
282 Item christmas suit 1.gifItem christmas suit 1.gifSecond-hand Red Coat Second-hand Red Coat Misc
283 Item christmas suit 2.gifItem christmas suit 2.gifRipped Red Trousers Ripped Red Trousers Misc
284 Item christmas suit 3.gifItem christmas suit 3.gifFoul-smelling Red Hat Foul-smelling Red Hat Misc
285 Item christmas suit full.gifItem christmas suit full.gifFoul-smelling vintage suit Foul-smelling vintage suit Misc
286 Item iphone.gifItem iphone.gifMobile Phone Mobile Phone Weapon
287 Item smelly meat.gifItem smelly meat.gifFestering Flesh Festering Flesh Misc
288 Item broken.gifItem broken.gifUnrecognisable Remains Unrecognisable Remains Misc
291 Item maglite off.gifItem maglite off.gifNovelty Torch (off) Novelty Torch (off) Furniture
292 Item maglite 1.gifItem maglite 1.gifNovelty Torch (1 charge) Novelty Torch (1 charge) Furniture
293 Item maglite 2.gifItem maglite 2.gifNovelty Torch (2 charges) Novelty Torch (2 charges) Furniture
294 Item firework powder.gif Super-Fuzz Powder (hordes)
295 Item firework tube.gif Firework Launch Tube (hordes)
296 Item firework box.gif Box of Fireworks (hordes)
297 Item cadaver.gifItem cadaver.gifTraveller's corpse Traveller's corpse Misc
298 Item cadaver remains.gifItem cadaver remains.gifGnawed corpse Gnawed corpse Misc
299 Item smoke bomb.gifItem smoke bomb.gif« Pine Fresh » Smoke Bomb « Pine Fresh » Smoke Bomb Misc
300 Item pumpkin raw.gif Soft Pumpkin (hordes)
301 Item pumpkin off.gif Carved Soft Pumpkin (hordes)
302 Item pumpkin on.gif Lit Pumpkin (hordes)
303 Item sand ball.gifItem sand ball.gifSand Ball Sand Ball Misc
304 Item omg this will kill you.gifItem omg this will kill you.gifSuspicious looking plum juice Suspicious looking plum juice Food
305 Item bplan c.gifItem bplan c.gifConstruction Blueprint (common) Construction Blueprint (common) Misc
306 Item bplan u.gifItem bplan u.gifConstruction Blueprint (uncommon) Construction Blueprint (uncommon) Misc
307 Item bplan r.gifItem bplan r.gifConstruction Blueprint (rare) Construction Blueprint (rare) Misc
308 Item bplan e.gifItem bplan e.gifConstruction Blueprint (very rare!) Construction Blueprint (very rare!) Misc
309 Item bplan box.gifItem bplan box.gifArchitect's Chest Architect's Chest Box
310 Item bplan box e.gifItem bplan box e.gifSealed Architect's Chest Sealed Architect's Chest Box
311 Item egg.gifItem egg.gifEgg Egg Food
312 Item apple.gifItem apple.gifApple Apple Food
313 Item boomfruit.gifItem boomfruit.gifExploding Grapefruit Exploding Grapefruit Weapon
314 Item bplan drop.gifItem bplan drop.gifWorn Leather Bag Worn Leather Bag Misc
317 Misc
321 Item magneticKey.gifItem magneticKey.gifMagnetic Key Magnetic Key Misc
322 Item bumpKey.gifItem bumpKey.gifBump Key Bump Key Misc
323 Item classicKey.gifItem classicKey.gifBottle Opener Bottle Opener Misc
324 Item prints.gifItem prints.gifMagnetic Key Blank Magnetic Key Blank Misc
325 Item prints.gifItem prints.gifBump Key Blank Bump Key Blank Misc
326 Item prints.gifItem prints.gifBottle Opener Blank Bottle Opener Blank Misc
328 Item mbplan u.gifConstruction Blueprint (uncommon) Misc
329 Item mbplan r.gifConstruction Blueprint (rare) Misc
330 Item mbplan e.gifConstruction Blueprint (very rare!) Misc
331 Item bbplan u.gifConstruction Blueprint (uncommon) Misc
332 Item bbplan r.gifConstruction Blueprint (rare) Misc
333 Item bbplan e.gifConstruction Blueprint (very rare!) Misc
334 Item hbplan u.gifConstruction Blueprint (uncommon) Misc
335 Item hbplan r.gifConstruction Blueprint (rare) Misc
336 Item hbplan e.gifConstruction Blueprint (very rare!) Misc
338 Item leprechaun suit.gifItem leprechaun suit.gifGreen Imp Suit Green Imp Suit Misc
339 Item guiness.gifItem guiness.gifWinness Winness Food
340 Item hurling stick.gifItem hurling stick.gifHurling stick Hurling stick Weapon
351 Item soul blue.gifItem soul blue.gifLost Soul Lost Soul Misc
352 Item soul red.gifItem soul red.gifTortured Soul Tortured Soul - ID 352 used to belong to Item soul red.gifItem soul red.gifPowerful Soul Powerful Soul Misc
353 Item soul blue.gifItem soul blue.gifWeak Soul Weak Soul Misc
354 Item soul blue.gifItem soul blue.gifAimless Soul Aimless Soul - Confirm if possible or was it at 351 and got replaced by lost soul ? Misc
357 Item rlaunc.gifItem rlaunc.gifStake Launcher Stake Launcher Weapon
358 Item kalach.gifItem kalach.gifKalashni-Splash Kalashni-Splash Weapon
359 Item bureau.gifItem bureau.gifHastily-built desk Hastily-built desk Furniture
360 Item distri.gifItem distri.gifEmpty Vending Machine Empty Vending Machine Furniture
361 Item renne.gifItem renne.gifSanta's reindeer Santa's reindeer Misc
364 Item paques.gifItem paques.gifEaster Egg Easter Egg Misc
365 Item badge.gifItem badge.gifANZAC Badge ANZAC Badge Misc
366 Item kalach.gifItem kalach.gifKalashni-Splash (empty) Kalashni-Splash (empty) Weapon
370 Item wire.gifItem wire.gifWire Reel Wire Reel Rsc
371 Item oilcan.gifItem oilcan.gifEmpty Oil Can Empty Oil Can Rsc
372 Item lens.gifItem lens.gifConvex Lens Convex Lens Rsc
373 Item angryc.gifItem angryc.gifFurious Kitten (partially digested) Furious Kitten (partially digested) Furniture
374 Item claymo.gifItem claymo.gifClaymore Mine Claymore Mine Weapon
375 Item diode.gifItem diode.gifLaser Diode Laser Diode Rsc
376 Item guitar.gifItem guitar.gifMakeshift Guitar Makeshift Guitar Furniture
377 Item lsd.gifItem lsd.gifLSD LSD Drug
378 Item burninglaserpointer4.gifItem burninglaserpointer4.gifBurning Laser Pointer (4 charges) Burning Laser Pointer (4 charges) Weapon
379 Item burninglaserpointer3.gifItem burninglaserpointer3.gifBurning Laser Pointer (3 charges) Burning Laser Pointer (3 charges) Weapon
380 Item burninglaserpointer2.gifItem burninglaserpointer2.gifBurning Laser Pointer (2 charges) Burning Laser Pointer (2 charges) Weapon
381 Item burninglaserpointer1.gifItem burninglaserpointer1.gifBurning Laser Pointer (1 charge) Burning Laser Pointer (1 charges) Weapon
382 Item burninglaserpointer.gifItem burninglaserpointer.gifBurning Laser Pointer (discharged) Burning Laser Pointer (discharged) Weapon
383 Item scope.gifItem scope.gifTelescope Telescope Rsc
384 Item trapma.gifItem trapma.gifImpersonal Exploding Doormat Impersonal Exploding Doormat Furniture
388 Item chudol.gifItem chudol.gifChuck Figurine Chuck Figurine Furniture
389 Item lilboo.gifItem lilboo.gifLittle Book of Calm Little Book of Calm Drug
390 Item ryebag.gifItem ryebag.gifBag of Damp Grass Bag of Damp Grass Rsc
391 Item fungus.gifItem fungus.gifErgot Fungus Ergot Fungus Food
392 Item hmbrew.gifItem hmbrew.gifErgot Homebrew Ergot Homebrew Food
393 Item hifiev.gifItem hifiev.gifCursed HiFi Cursed HiFi Furniture
394 Item cdphil.gifItem cdphil.gifPhil Collins CD Phil Collins CD Furniture
395 Item bquies.gifItem bquies.gifEarplugs Earplugs Rsc
396 Item staff2.gifItem staff2.gifBroken staff Broken staff Rsc
397 Item cdbrit.gifItem cdbrit.gifBritney CD Britney CD Furniture
398 Item cdelvi.gifItem cdelvi.gifThe Best of the King CD The Best of the King CD Furniture
399 Item hifiev.gifItem hifiev.gifRock 'n' Roll HiFi Rock 'n' Roll HiFi Furniture
400 Item dfhifi.gifItem dfhifi.gifAnti-personnel HiFi Anti-personnel HiFi Furniture
401 Item catbox.gifItem catbox.gifSchrödinger's Box Schrödinger's Box Box
402 Item chkspk.gifItem chkspk.gifPsychadelic Spiritual Counsel Psychadelic Spiritual Counsel Misc
403 Item pet snake2.gifItem pet snake2.gifFat Serpent Fat Serpent Misc
404 Item potion.gifItem potion.gifMystic Potion Mystic Potion - Older version of it, removed soon after it was added. Food
405 Item potion.gifItem potion.gifMystic Potion Mystic Potion Food
406 Item wood xmas.gifItem wood xmas.gifChocolate log Chocolate log Food
408 Item food xmas.gifItem food xmas.gifCrow elf Crow elf Food

Unknown IDs

There are empty spaces in the table, and items below, plus possible items. There are items unknown to any version of the game.

Professional tools

  1. Item basic suit.gifItem basic suit.gifTown Uniform Town Uniform
  2. Item basic suit dirt.gifItem basic suit dirt.gifDirty Uniform Dirty Uniform
  3. Item pelle.gifItem pelle.gifSmall Spade Small Spade
  4. Item shield.gifItem shield.gifRiot Shield Riot Shield
  5. R jermit.gifR jermit.gifSurvival Guide Survival Guide
  6. Item shaman.gifItem shaman.gifVoodoo Mask Voodoo Mask
  7. Item keymol.gifItem keymol.gifHandyman's Toolbelt Handyman's Toolbelt
  8. Item vest on.gifItem vest on.gifCamouflage Vest Camouflage Vest
  9. Item vest off.gifItem vest off.gifCamouflage Vest (not equipped!) Camouflage Vest (not equipped!)
  10. Item tamed pet.gifItem tamed pet.gifThree-legged Labradoodle Three-legged Labradoodle
  11. Item tamed pet drug.gifItem tamed pet drug.gifDrugged Labradoodle Drugged Labradoodle
  12. Item tamed pet off.gifItem tamed pet off.gifTired Labradoodle Tired Labradoodle
  13. Item photo 3.gifItem photo 3.gifPre-war Camera Pre-war Camera
  14. Item photo 2.gifItem photo 2.gifCamera (2 flash) Camera (2 flash)
  15. Item photo 1.gifItem photo 1.gifCamera (1 flash) Camera (1 flash)
  16. Item photo off.gifItem photo off.gifCamera (dead) Camera (dead)
  17. Item reveil.gifItem reveil.gifScreaming Alarm Clock (ready) Screaming Alarm Clock (ready)
  18. Item reveil off.gifItem reveil off.gifScreaming Alarm Clock (incomplete) Screaming Alarm Clock (incomplete)

Not in Die2Nite

  1. Item acid.gif Sulphuric acid
  2. Item pumpkin raw.gif Soft Pumpkin
  3. Item pumpkin off.gif Carved Soft Pumpkin
  4. Item pumpkin on.gif Lit Pumpkin
  5. Item firework tube.gif Firework Launch Tube
  6. Item firework box.gif Box of Fireworks
  7. Item firework powder.gif Super-Fuzz Powder

IDs unknown to any version

  1. Item beta drug.gifItem beta drug.gifBetapropine 5mg Betapropine 5mg
  2. Item bullets.gifItem bullets.gifHandful of Bullets Handful of Bullets
  3. Item gun.gifItem gun.gifRevolver Revolver (loaded)
  4. Item machine gun.gifItem machine gun.gifMachine Gun Machine Gun (loaded)
  5. Item rope.gif Rope
  6. Item soccer.gif Football
  7. Item shoe.gif Shoe
  8. Item admin.gif Admin drug
  9. Item bike.gif Bike
  10. Item bike part.gif Broken Bike