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See the box at the top right corner with the title "Inventory"? That's right, that is what you are carrying with you at the moment.

Using the Inventory Box

The only use of the inventory box at the top right corner is to see what items are on you, and how much empty space you have left. Hovering the cursor over an item will show the name, description and additional information (such as Small broken.gifSmall broken.gifBroken Broken...). It is not possible to use any of the items through that interface. To use an item, scroll down to the main interface for the options.

Capacity For Residents

A Item basic suit.gifItem basic suit.gifResident Resident may carry up to 4 objects in their rucksack, while the Item basic suit.gifItem basic suit.gifTown Uniform Town Uniform takes up a 5th space and cannot be dropped. All Small human.gifSmall human.gifProfessional tool Professional tools provide an additional space for themselves and cannot be dropped and so are usually ignored when talking about backpack space.

Capacity For Heroes

A Small hero.gifSmall hero.gifHero Hero may carry 5 objects and may have up to 3 professional tools. The hero skill Item bag.gifItem bag.gifA place for everything A place for everything provides veteran heroes with another additional free space.

Capacity Increasing items

Carrying certain items will increase your maximum backpack space, although they themselves take up one space (the minimum space provided is +2 spaces, for +1 net free space).

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