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Hardcore mode was added 1st of December 2011. Hardcore towns are much harder to survive in. After the update, if you have over 100 Soul Points, you will see a new option "Let me in! I'm Hardcore!" which let you join the R suhard.gifR suhard.gifHardcore Hardcore town available at that moment. Note that there is only 1 Hardcore town open for joining at a time, the next appears once the previous is filled.

Listed below are the differences between regular distant towns and a Hardcore town.

Town Setup

  • The amount of studied constructions are decreased significantly (confirm).
  • Initial water reserves are decreased.
  • There are 2 Small enter.gifSmall enter.gifExplorable Ruins Explorable Ruins instead of 1.

Game mechanic changes

  • The survival chances of Small camp.gifSmall camp.gifCamping Camping are significantly lowered. The global camping penalty is -70%.
  • Chances to die from Status infect.gifStatus infect.gifInfected infection at 23:00 is increased from the usual 50% to 75%.
  • Chances to Status wound.gifStatus wound.gifWounded injure someone with the 'attack' option become high, and it only costs 3 Small pa.gif to attack someone.
  • The amount of free Small hero.gifSmall hero.gifHero Hero days you get if you are the R surlst.gifR surlst.gifLast_Man_Standing Last Man Standing is doubled. Note there is a separate R suhard.gifR suhard.gifLast Man Standing - Hardcore! Last Man Standing - Hardcore! rare Distinction which is gained as well as the regular LMS.
    • Each distinction awards the same amount of hero days, so when combined a double amount of hero days are awarded.
  • External apps are limited in functionality due to the XML feeds being truncated in Hardcore towns. Most auto-updaters are disabled or will not work correctly. You will need to input zone information manually yourself.

Damage to Defenses

  • Small def.gifSmall def.gifDefences Defensive Objects in the Item chest citizen.gifItem chest citizen.gifThe Bank The Bank can be destroyed during Small fight.gifSmall fight.gifThe Attack The Attack. The rate of destruction appears to be directly coupled to attack size (not overflow sizes).
  • At 23:00 server time (when Small fight.gifSmall fight.gifThe Attack The Attack occurs), the constructions in town can become damaged. The buildings are repaired through the Item metal beam.gifItem metal beam.gifConstruction Sites Construction Sites tab in town by investing Small pa.gif (or technician Small pc.gif). Each Small pa.gif or Small pc.gif spent repairs 2 damage points of the building.
    • Constructions that provide Small well.gifSmall well.gifThe Well water are immune to damage, presumably to prevent players from repeatedly building and destroying them, of which would provide an infinite amount of water.
    • Damage to constructions is 70% max (rounded up), so you need to repair every construction building up to at least 70%+1 (rounded up) to prevent them from being destructed during Small fight.gifSmall fight.gifThe Attack The Attack.
  • Item plate.gifItem plate.gifDefence Defensive constructions which have been damaged provide less defence points.
  • If damaged buildings are not repaired, they can even be destroyed during the next wave of attack.
  • Constructions which become completely destroyed need to be rebuilt, costing the same Small pa.gif and materials as when first built.
  • Even if the parent building is destroyed, its child buildings will still continue to function; however they cannot be repaired until the parent one is rebuilt.

Building Repair List

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The maximum damage a building can take has been shown by Miudo to be:

   Damage = ROUNDUP(Building AP * 0.7)
  • So if a building has 513 health, then the maximum damage is:
    • 513 * 0.7
    • 359.1
    • round up = 360

The table is incomplete.
Small pa.gif unrepaired refers to max AP you can leave unrepaired of the building in the Item metal beam.gifItem metal beam.gifConstruction Sites Construction Sites.

Name Small pa.gif unrepaired
Small wallimprove.gifSmall wallimprove.gifWall Upgrade v1 Wall Upgrade v1 4
Small gather.gifSmall gather.gifGreat Pit Great Pit
Small spears.gifSmall spears.gifSpiked Pit Spiked Pit
Small waterhole.gifSmall waterhole.gifGreat Moat Great Moat
Item plate.gifItem plate.gifGrater Grater
Small barbed.gifSmall barbed.gifBarbed Wire Barbed Wire
Small meatbarbed.gifSmall meatbarbed.gifBait Bait (Small warning.gif)
Small wallimprove.gifSmall wallimprove.gifWall Upgrade v2 Wall Upgrade v2
Item plate.gifItem plate.gifMetal Patches Metal Patches
Item plate.gifItem plate.gifSpiked Wall Spiked Wall
Item plate.gifItem plate.gifÜberwall Überwall
Item plate.gifItem plate.gifInner Wall Inner Wall
Item plate.gifItem plate.gifThird Wall Third Wall
Item home def.gifItem home def.gifEvolutive Wall Evolutive Wall
Small wallimprove.gifSmall wallimprove.gifConcrete Reinforcement Concrete Reinforcement
Small grater.gifSmall grater.gifZombie Grater Zombie Grater
Small gather.gifSmall gather.gifOld-school traps Old-school traps
Small fence.gifSmall fence.gifWooden Fencing Wooden Fencing
Small fence.gifSmall fence.gifSmall Fence Small Fence
Small wallimprove.gifSmall wallimprove.gifSlip 'n' Slide Slip 'n' Slide
Small waterspray.gifSmall waterspray.gifVaporiser Vaporiser
Small acidspray.gifSmall acidspray.gifAcid Spray Acid Spray (Small warning.gif)
Small gazspray.gifSmall gazspray.gifGas Gun Gas Gun (Small warning.gif)
Item plate.gifItem plate.gifArmour Plating Armour Plating
Item plate.gifItem plate.gifArmour Plating v2 Armour Plating v2
Item plate.gifItem plate.gifArmour Plating v3 Armour Plating v3
Item plate.gifItem plate.gifPlywood Plywood
Item plate.gifItem plate.gifExtra Wall Extrawall
Name Small pa.gif unrepaired
Small water.gifSmall water.gifPump Pump Invincible
Item jerrycan.gifItem jerrycan.gifWater Purifier Water Purifier
Item bgrenade.gifItem bgrenade.gifMines Mines (Small warning.gif)
Item jerrycan.gifItem jerrycan.gifWater Filter Water Filter
Item vegetable tasty.gifItem vegetable tasty.gifVegetable Plot Vegetable Plot
Item bgrenade.gifItem bgrenade.gifGrapeboom Grapeboom
Item digger.gifItem digger.gifFertilizer Fertilizer
Small water.gifSmall water.gifDrilling Rig Drilling Rig Invincible
Small eden.gifSmall eden.gifEden Project Eden Project Invincible
Item firework tube.gifItem firework tube.gifHydraulic Network Hydraulic Network Invincible
Small waterspray.gifSmall waterspray.gifBoiling Fog Boiling Fog
Small grinder.gifSmall grinder.gifSaniflow Macerator Saniflow Macerator
Small sprinkler.gifSmall sprinkler.gifAutomatic Sprinklers Automatic Sprinkler
Small shower.gifSmall shower.gifShower Shower
Item tube.gifItem tube.gifWater Turrets Water Turrets
Item tube.gifItem tube.gifWater Catcher Water Catcher (Small warning.gif)
Small watercanon.gifSmall watercanon.gifMist Spray Mist Spray
Small appletree.gifSmall appletree.gifApple Tree Apple Tree
Small shower.gifSmall shower.gifSluice Sluice
Small shower.gifSmall shower.gifDecon Shower Decon Shower
Small rocketperf.gifSmall rocketperf.gifDivining Rocket Divining Rocket Invincible
Small waterdetect.gifSmall waterdetect.gifDivining Rods Divining Rods Invincible
Name Small pa.gif unrepaired
Small refine.gifSmall refine.gifWorkshop Workshop 3
Item meat.gifItem meat.gifButcher Butcher
Item hmeat.gifItem hmeat.gifCremato-Cue Cremato-Cue
Item meca parts.gifItem meca parts.gifDefensive Focus Defensive Focus
Small dig.gifSmall dig.gifCannon Mounds Cannon Mounds
Small canon.gifSmall canon.gifRock Cannon Rock Cannon
Small canon.gifSmall canon.gifRailgun Railgun
Small canon.gifSmall canon.gifPlate Gun Plate Gun
Small canon.gifSmall canon.gifBrutal Cannon Brutal Cannon (Small warning.gif)
Item wood beam.gifItem wood beam.gifWar Mill War Mill
Small factory.gifSmall factory.gifSmall Factory Factory
Small saw.gifSmall saw.gifScreaming Saws Screaming Saws
Item rp book2.gifItem rp book2.gifBuilding Registry Building Registry Invincible
Small refine.gifSmall refine.gifArchitect's Study Architect's Study
R dhang.gifR dhang.gifGallows Gallows
Small slaughterhouse.gifSmall slaughterhouse.gifAbbatoir Abbatoir
Item shield.gifItem shield.gifDefensive Thinktank Defensive Thinktank
Small cafet.gifSmall cafet.gifSmall Café Small Café (Small warning.gif)
Small cemetery.gifSmall cemetery.gifSmall Cemetary Small Cemetary
Small coffin.gifSmall coffin.gifCoffin Catapult Coffin Catapult
Small chicken.gifSmall chicken.gifHenhouse Henhouse
Small strategy.gifSmall strategy.gifBuilders' Merchant Builders' Merchant
Small strategy.gifSmall strategy.gifCommunity Involvement Community Involvement
Small infirmary.gifSmall infirmary.gifInfirmary Infirmary
Small cafet.gifSmall cafet.gifCentral Cafeteria Central Cafeteria
Item acid.gifItem acid.gifCentral Laboratory Central Laboratory
Name Small pa.gif unrepaired
Item tagger.gifItem tagger.gifWatchtower Watchtower 1
Item courroie.gifItem courroie.gifCatapult Catapult
Item courroie.gifItem courroie.gifCalibrated Catapult Upgraded Catapult
Item tagger.gifItem tagger.gifScanner Scanner
Item electro.gifItem electro.gifUpgraded Map Upgraded Map
Item tagger.gifItem tagger.gifPredictor Predictor
Small gather.gifSmall gather.gifSearch Tower Searchtower
Status terror.gifStatus terror.gifEmergency Supplies Emergency Supplies
Item wood plate.gifItem wood plate.gifWood Plating Wood Plating (Small warning.gif)
Small trap.gifSmall trap.gifSpikes Spikes (Small warning.gif)
Small trap.gifSmall trap.gifGuerilla Traps Guerilla Traps (Small warning.gif)
Small dig.gifSmall dig.gifGarbage Heap Rubbish Heap (Small warning.gif)
Small dig.gifSmall dig.gifMount Killaman-Jaro Mount Killaman-Jaro (Small warning.gif)
Small trap.gifSmall trap.gifPits Pits (Small warning.gif)
Small tnt.gifSmall tnt.gifBomb Factory Bomb Factory (Small warning.gif)
Status terror.gifStatus terror.gifAbject Panic Abject Panic (Small warning.gif)
Small vaudoudoll.gifSmall vaudoudoll.gifXXL Voodoo Doll XXL Voodoo Doll
Small bokorsword.gifSmall bokorsword.gifSword of Bokor Sword of Bokor
Small spiritmirage.gifSmall spiritmirage.gifSpirit Mirage Spirit Mirage
Small holyrain.gifSmall holyrain.gifHoly Raincloud Holy Raincloud (Small warning.gif)
Small bamba.gifSmall bamba.gifFrat House Frat House (Small warning.gif)
Small watchmen.gifSmall watchmen.gifGuard Tower Guard Tower
Small tourello.gifSmall tourello.gifShooting Gallery Shooting Gallery
Small armor.gifSmall armor.gifMiniature Armory Miniature Armory
Small ikea.gifSmall ikea.gifSwedish Workshop Swedish Workshop
Small catapult3.gifSmall catapult3.gifSmall Trebuchet Small Trebuchet
Small watchmen.gifSmall watchmen.gifCrows' Nest Crows' Nest
Name Small pa.gif unrepaired
Small building.gifSmall building.gifFoundations Foundations 4
Small moving.gifSmall moving.gifThe Big Rebuild The Big Rebuild
Small derrick.gifSmall derrick.gifMechanical Pump Mechanical Pump Invincible
Small falsecity.gifSmall falsecity.gifFalse Town False Town
Small valve.gifSmall valve.gifFaucet Faucet
Small scarecrow.gifSmall scarecrow.gifScarecrows Scarecrows
Small trash.gifSmall trash.gifGarbage Dump Garbage Dump
Small trash.gifSmall trash.gifDefence Dump Defence Dump
Small trash.gifSmall trash.gifWeapons Dump Weapons Dump
Small trash.gifSmall trash.gifWood Dump Wood Dump
Small trash.gifSmall trash.gifMetal Dump Metal Dump
Small trash.gifSmall trash.gifFood Dump Food Dump
Small howlingbait.gifSmall howlingbait.gifAnimal Dump Animal Dump
Small trashclean.gifSmall trashclean.gifFree Dump Free Dump
Small trash.gifSmall trash.gifDump Upgrade Dump Upgrade
Small fleshcage.gifSmall fleshcage.gifMeat Locker Meat Locker
Small lighthouse.gifSmall lighthouse.gifLighthouse Lighthouse
Small city up.gifSmall city up.gifFortifications Fortifications
Small score.gifSmall score.gifBonfire Bonfire
Small court.gifSmall court.gifPeople's Court People's Court
Small slave.gifSmall slave.gifMinistry of Slavery Ministry of Slavery
Small labyrinth.gifSmall labyrinth.gifLabyrinth Labyrinth
Small lastchance.gifSmall lastchance.gifAll or Nothing All or Nothing
Small fireworks.gifSmall fireworks.gifFirework Foray Firework Foray
Small redemption.gifSmall redemption.gifAltar Altar
Small pmvbig.gifSmall pmvbig.gifGiant BRD Giant BRD
Small crow.gifSmall crow.gifCrow Statue Crow Statue
Small wheel.gifSmall wheel.gifWonder Wheel Wonder Wheel
Small castle.gifSmall castle.gifGiant Sandcastle Giant Sandcastle
Small arma.gifSmall arma.gifReactor Reactor
Small derrick.gifSmall derrick.gifNo holes barred No Holes Barred Invincible
Small cinema.gifSmall cinema.gifCinema Cinema
Small rocket.gifSmall rocket.gifAir Strike Air Strike (Small warning.gif)
Small balloon.gifSmall balloon.gifHot Air Balloon Hot Air Balloon
Name Small pa.gif unrepaired
Small door closed.gifSmall door closed.gifPortal Lock Portal Lock 1
Small door closed.gifSmall door closed.gifAutomatic Piston Lock Automatic Piston Lock
Small door closed.gifSmall door closed.gifLast Minute Lock Last-minute Lock
Item plate.gifItem plate.gifReinforced Gates Reinforced Gates
Small ventilation.gifSmall ventilation.gifVentilation System Ventilation System