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Guard Dog

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[v·e] 45 Guard Dog Item pet dog.gif
Man's best friend. You can choose whether he guards your house, saves you from a marauding zombie or ends up as tasty burgers...
Item plate.gifItem plate.gifDefence Defence
Category Items
Sub Category Defences

When you're in the wastes, zombies knocking at your door, you never know when your neighbor will decide you're more useful dead. Only a good dog will be a true friend to stand at your side in these desperate times.



The butcher took great care of Item pet dog.gifItem pet dog.gifGuard Dog Guard Dog ... You now have Item meat.gifItem meat.gifTasty-looking Steak Tasty-looking Steak (×2). Goodbye dear friend.
  • When placed in your chest, it protects your Small home.gifSmall home.gifHome Home against R theft.gifR theft.gifTheft Theft.
  • Can be used as a Item cutcut.gifItem cutcut.gifArmoury Weapon, with 100% chances to kill one zombie, and about 20% chance of disappearing.
    • If successful:
    Your animal leapt at the zombie's throat, and managed to turn itself into a zombie-cork! Well done!
    • If failing:
    You send your Item pet dog.gifItem pet dog.gifGuard Dog Guard Dog over to the zombie. The wretched individual isn't the quickest of mutts, but he jump (slowly) on the animal to devour it, groaning all the time... Goodbye brave friend. On the plus side, that's one less zombie to worry about now he's distracted...