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Food items are the consumable objects that provide means of restoring Small pa.gif. Aside from Food, the game also puts Water, Alcohol and Coffee under the same classification when placed in the Item chest citizen.gifItem chest citizen.gifThe Bank Bank. Although only Water is indispensable for the daily survival of a Small human.gifSmall human.gifCitizen Citizen, all these items are essential to the survival of every Small falsecity.gifSmall falsecity.gifTown Town as they allow, among other things, increase the scavenging range of citizens and make expeditions possible.


Everyone knows that proper hydration is vital for survival, and this is more valid in a Small world.gifSmall world.gifWorld Beyond Desert. That's the reason why drinking from a Item water.gifItem water.gifWater Ration Water Ration (or from another source of water) is absolutely vital for every citizen to avoid dying of Status dehyd.gifStatus dehyd.gifDehydrated Dehydration.

Drinking water will restore Small pa.gif to maximum (6 for a healthy person), give the Status hasDrunk.gifStatus hasDrunk.gifRefreshed Refreshed effect, and remove the Status thirst.gifStatus thirst.gifThirsty Thirsty effect. However, if you are Status dehyd.gifStatus dehyd.gifDehydrated Dehydrated!, drinking water will change your status to Status thirst.gifStatus thirst.gifThirsty Thirsty and not restore any Small pa.gif. The Status hasDrunk.gifStatus hasDrunk.gifRefreshed Refreshed effect prevents you from restoring Small pa.gif again from water, and stops you drinking for this purpose. If you become Status thirst.gifStatus thirst.gifThirsty Thirsty or Status dehyd.gifStatus dehyd.gifDehydrated Dehydrated! later on you may drink again to remove these effects.

These items are classified as Miscellaneous items. They can provide water after processing:


Judging by the decaying state of civilization, or what's left of it, the odds of finding good food are close to zero. You can still find the stinky, mouldy, rotten and barely inedible remains of what once was tasty food. You can't afford to be picky if it helps you to ignore the pangs of hunger for a while.

Eating food restores your Small pa.gif to the maximum (6 for a healthy person) and gives the Status hasEaten.gifStatus hasEaten.gifFed Fed effect, which prevents you from eating again that day. Citizens cannot die from starvation even if they don't consume any food at all.

This has a truly bizarre taste, it's difficult to define. It does the job though: fills your stomach. On the other hand, it doesn't give you any extra energy...

Premium Food

No mold, no maggots, no horrible stench of decomposition. Just a tasty piece of good food for you. You can't find something like that very much nowadays, so enjoy!

Like regular food, Premium Food give you the Status hasEaten.gifStatus hasEaten.gifFed Fed status, but in addition to restoring your maximum Small pa.gif, it also gives a further bonus of 1 Small pa.gif. (7 max Small pa.gif for a healthy person)

Just this once does no harm, you enjoy devouring the ______. It makes a change from the usual disgusting slop... it perks you right up. You get a bonus of 1 AP !


Hunger is hunger, and food is food. This is a piece of meat that probably comes from one of your neighbors, but don't let it bother you. They won't come back to life anyway. Just focus your mind, try to think it's beef or chicken and swallow it. It'll make you feel better.

In addition to restoring your Small pa.gif to your maximum and giving the Status hasEaten.gifStatus hasEaten.gifFed Fed effect like "normal" food, the consumption of these foods will also give you the R cannib.gifR cannib.gifCannibalism Cannibalism distinction.

Unprepared Food

Sometimes you just can't eat whatever's available. You have to make it edible somehow, either by opening its container or cooking it.

Unprepared food must have some action performed to make it edible. Once prepared, they will become regular food, refilling the max Small pa.gif and giving the Status hasEaten.gifStatus hasEaten.gifFed Fed status when used.


You happened to find the lunch of someone, either yours or one of your unlucky neighbors. What are you waiting for? There must be some tasty food in there!

Containers, as their name implies, hold a random food item and must be opened in some manner. Once opened, the container is gone and the food will be in your inventory.


In every period of mankind's history, people have always found a way of intoxicating themselves. Obviously, the Post-Apocalyptic desert is no exception. You can swallow a whole bottle of homemade liquor to forget your tiredness. Your body, and especially your head, won't appreciate it much the next morning, though.

Alcohol does not count as food nor water, and therefore will not grant the Status hasEaten.gifStatus hasEaten.gifFed Fed or Status hasDrunk.gifStatus hasDrunk.gifRefreshed Refreshed status. However, it will restore your Small pa.gif to maximum and give you the Status drunk.gifStatus drunk.gifDrunk Drunk status. The next day, just after Small fight.gifSmall fight.gifThe Attack The Attack, the Status drunk.gifStatus drunk.gifDrunk Drunk status will evolve into a Status hung over.gifStatus hung over.gifHangover Hungover. Both statuses prevent you from drinking further alcohol for the rest of the day.

Your head is spinning, you almost want to be sick, but at least it woke you up. Now you just need to run...


(see main article: Item coffee.gifItem coffee.gifBloody hot coffee Bloody hot coffee)

Nothing lifts the spirit more than a good cup of coffee in the morning. This isn't your typical coffee, though. It looks bad and tastes even worse, but at least it's hot enough to keep you up for another while. Brewing coffee requires a Item coffee machine.gifItem coffee machine.gifCafetière Cafetière which is expensive to repair, and each cup (which requires a Item wood bad.gifItem wood bad.gifRotting Log Rotting Log, a flask of Item pharma.gifItem pharma.gifPharmaceutical Products Pharmaceutical Products and a Item pile.gifItem pile.gifBattery Battery) is also expensive to brew.

Coffee may be drunk an unlimited number of times for no external effects, and each cup restores 4 Small pa.gif toward your maximum.