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Flatpacked Furniture

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[v·e] 166 Flatpacked Furniture Item deco box.gif
A piece of furniture, as yet unassembled, which could well be anything...
Small heavy.gifSmall heavy.gifHeavy object Heavy object
Item watergun opt empty.gifItem watergun opt empty.gifGuard Weapon Guard Weapon (8 attack pts)
Category Items
Sub Category Miscellaneous items

Flatpacked Furniture is a heavy item that can be turned into either a defense object or furniture at the Workshop. It is an important source for the Item table.gifItem table.gifJärpen Table Järpen Table, an essential item for any town that wants to survive. If the town has already found enough Järpen Tables (2-4 depending on blueprints, and town plans), the Flatpacked Furniture becomes near useless since it costs AP to convert it to a defensive object and has a chance of giving only decoration.