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[v·e] 1061 Faucet Small valve.gif
Thanks to this small tap fixed to the well, any water wasted by the filtration system can be recovered (doesn't require any additional water taken from the well). You can use this water to refill all water-based weapons (bombs, pistol, etc...) for FREE !
Category Buildings
Sub Category Foundations
Item bplan u.gifItem bplan u.gifBlueprints Blueprint Item bplan r.gifItem bplan r.gifConstruction Blueprint (rare) rare
Small parent.gif Parent building Small building.gifSmall building.gifFoundations Foundations
Small pa.gif Action Points cost Small pa.gif 130
Tag 2.gif Resource cost Item metal.gifItem metal.gifWrought Iron×10 Item wood beam.gifItem wood beam.gifPatchwork Beam×6 Item metal beam.gifItem metal beam.gifMetal Support×3 Item meca parts.gifItem meca parts.gifHandful of nuts and bolts×4 Item engine.gifItem engine.gifEngine×1

Why didn't we think of this earlier!? Save up the water that is too dirty to drink, and use it against the zombies! How eco-friendly...


Allows you to refill water based weapons at Small well.gifSmall well.gifThe Well The Well for free (without the use of a Item water.gifItem water.gifWater Ration Water Ration). To fill a weapon, have it in your rucksack, and go to your house. There will be an option to fill the weapon.


  • With this construction, you can practically clear the map of zombies and make Small gather.gifSmall gather.gifScavenging Scavenging easy.
  • After the introduction of R guard.gifR guard.gifWatchmen Watchmen, this construction becomes even more valuable, as it allows using water-based weapons on watch unlimited times without any cost.


When weapons are refilled:

You have refilled _____ for free, thanks to the plumbing improvements in town !

You have refilled _____ and _____ for free, thanks to the plumbing improvements in town !