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In Season 4, a new type of R ruine.gifR ruine.gifRuins Ruins was introduced, the Small enter.gifSmall enter.gifExplorable Ruins Explorable Ruins. There are three: Abandoned Hotel, Abandoned Hospital, and Abandoned Bunker. These special ruins allow Small human.gifSmall human.gifCitizen Citizens to explore and search the interiors through various corridors connecting the Small exit.gif Entrance to various dead ends and long abandoned rooms.

Explorable ruins are always unburied.

It takes 1 Small pa.gif to enter the ruin. You cannot enter the ruin either if you are Status wound.gifStatus wound.gifWounded Wounded, Status terror.gifStatus terror.gifTerrorised Terrorised or turning Small escort.gifSmall escort.gifEscorting Escort mode on, or Small escort.gifSmall escort.gifEscorting Escorting someone. You will also need to have Small dom equal.gifSmall dom equal.gifControl Points Control of the zone, unless you are a Item vest on.gifItem vest on.gifScout Scout with the camouflage on, then no zone control is required.

You can only enter the same ruin once per day. You cannot enter if someone else is exploring inside.

If you enter while someone else is exploring inside, you will see the following message:

You cannot enter this building ...
- - - -
there isn't enough oxygen for more than one person!

Bug: You still receive this message if you try to enter when you have escort mode on.


The interface while exploring.

The image to the right shows the interface while exploring an Abandoned Bunker. The top right corner shows the amount of oxygen left, the three arrows show possible directions to go, the center shows the player, and to the left of the player is the remains of a killed zombie.

You start with 100% Small oxygen.gif. It depletes at a rate of 1% per 3 seconds. Item pelle.gifItem pelle.gifScavenger Scavengers start with 150% Small oxygen.gif. This equates to 5 minutes for non-Scavengers and 7.5 minutes for Scavengers. You must get back out before your Small oxygen.gif runs out. If you fail to do so, you will be forced out, obtaining a random Status wound.gifStatus wound.gifWounded Injury. All items in your Item bag.gifItem bag.gifInventory Inventory will be dropped within the ruin at the last zone you were in.

You may encounter zombies inside the ruin. Small sprint.gif Fleeing from zombies inside the ruin will not wound you, but will cost you valuable Small oxygen.gif (Reports vary from 5% to 10%). Zombies are spawned randomly each day, in groups ranging from 1 to 4. At any time, there can only be a maximum of 4 zombies in one zone.

Small dom equal.gifSmall dom equal.gifControl Points Control Points, Item vest on.gifItem vest on.gifCamouflage Suit Camouflage Suits and Item flash.gifItem flash.gifFlash Grenade Flash Grenades do NOT work inside the ruin, however Item photo 3.gifItem photo 3.gifPre-war Camera Pre-war Camera will relocate all zombies to another "zone" in the explorable ruin if successful. Item cutcut.gifItem cutcut.gifArmoury Weapons work as usual, but Item angryc.gifItem angryc.gifFurious Kitten (partially digested) Furious Kitten (partially digested) CANNOT be used inside the ruin.

If the ruin is within 11km or less, a hero can use heroic return inside the ruin to exit immediately. Note that each heroic action can be performed once only during his life in each town.

Doors and Keys

Each Small enter.gifSmall enter.gifExplorable Ruins Explorable Ruin will have 10 rooms that explorers can search for items. Some rooms closer to the Small exit.gif Entrance will be opened by default while the remaining rooms deeper in the ruin will be locked.

Each locked room will be locked by one of the three types of key mentioned below. Item keymol.gifItem keymol.gifTechnician Technicians can make a blank of the required key by clicking on "Taken an Impression" button when they are in a zone with a locked door. Each technician can only make one blank from the same door once per trip (each day). More blanks of the same door can be made by other Item keymol.gifItem keymol.gifTechnician Technicians on the same day provided the door is still locked. Each blank can be turned into the corresponding key in the Small refine.gifSmall refine.gifWorkshop Workshop for varying Small pa.gif costs. Anyone can convert impressions. Item keymol.gifItem keymol.gifTechnician Technicians do not have any bonuses in converting key imprints.

There are three different kinds of keys with three corresponding blanks:

These keys can also be found regularly by searching the opened rooms. Note that, for example, a Item classicKey.gifItem classicKey.gifBottle Opener Bottle Opener from a blank from Room A can also open Room B as long as Room A and Room B require Bottle Opener to open the doors. Room A and Room B can be in two different Ruins entirely. The key will be consumed once used.


Each entry into the ruin (limited to once per day) will give the R ruine.gifR ruine.gifRuin Exploration Ruin Explorations distinction. Each locked door opened will give a rare distinction R door.gifR door.gifCovert Concierge Covert Concierge.


Each ruin has a low chance of dropping Item bplan u.gifItem bplan u.gifBlueprints Blueprints. These blueprints are currently different from the normal blueprints found in Item bplan drop.gifItem bplan drop.gifWorn Leather Bag Worn Leather Bags, Item bplan box.gifItem bplan box.gifArchitect's Chest Architect's Chests, and after Small camp.gifSmall camp.gifCamping Camping normal R ruine.gifR ruine.gifRuins Ruins. Normal blueprints can unlock any building projects from the whole pool, while ruin blueprints only have a preset pool of projects which can be unlocked.

When a blueprint is read, it will always try to unlock a project which can be unlocked first. If there is no project left which is lockable, it will fail and the blueprint will be wasted when you read it.

If one of those projects have been unlocked by the normal blueprint, you will have one fewer building project which can be unlocked from the ruin blueprints. Thus normally you want to hold all normal blueprints and read ruin blueprints to unlock all preset building projects first. For that reason, the practice of holding off reading normal blueprints until explorable ruins cease to yield any more of their own is preferred.

However if all projects left from the preset pool are child projects which require their parent project(s) to be unlocked first, and their parent project(s) is/are not inside the preset pool, you need to switch the preference and start reading normal blueprints until you can unlock the target parent building. Only then you can switch back and read ruin blueprints again.

We can differentiate normal blueprints from the ruin blueprints by looking at the item icons and IDs (visible in the XML feed). The icons of different ruin blueprints are as follows:

Normal blueprints from worn leather bags, architect's chests, and normal ruins have the following item IDs and icons:

And blueprints from each ruin have different item IDs from normal blueprints and also from each other! In other words, an uncommon blueprint found at the Abandoned Hospital will not stack with the uncommon blueprint found at the Abandoned Hotel and the Abandoned Bunker. As noted, hospital blueprints will have different pre-set projects available compared to bunker or hotel blueprints.

The following is an incomplete list of possible projects available by each ruin blueprints. This is a work in progress, not a final product just yet. Please free free to add onto the list!

Hotel Blueprints

328. Item mbplan u.gif Construction Blueprint (uncommon)

329. Item mbplan r.gif Construction Blueprint (rare)

330. Item mbplan e.gif Construction Blueprint (very rare!)

Bunker Blueprints

331. Item bbplan u.gif Construction Blueprint (uncommon)

332. Item bbplan r.gif Construction Blueprint (rare)

333. Item bbplan e.gif Construction Blueprint (very rare!)

Hospital Blueprints

334. Item hbplan u.gif Construction Blueprint (uncommon)

335. Item hbplan r.gif Construction Blueprint (rare)

336. Item hbplan e.gif Construction Blueprint (very rare!)

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A digitalized version (for illustrative purposes only) of mapping technique using only a copybook and a pen at hand.
An example of an initial map using "pen and paper" with various symbols. Screenshot by Annette.
An example of using character codes for split-screen spreadsheeting.

Building map is 13x13 squares. Towns often organize to make a spreadsheet map of the building's interior layout. First players to venture inside are being tasked with mapping the building's layout. It can be done in various ways, complementing each other but capable to achieve the result desired on their own. The choice has to be based on which way a player finds more convenient in relation to their own skills.

  • Screen-recording software. It may be useful to notice all the details upon reviewing, such as zombie counts, lock types, and items found. However, it may prove to be difficult to find the way out on the first trip without using other means of mapping. Fine memory can be of great help if one relies on this technique alone. A free and easy to use screencast program is Screencast-O-Matic.
  • Pen and paper (preferably with a grid), using junction shapes or other symbols. Takes little time and shows the big picture, as the mapper moves around, allowing to see if there are any turns missed as well as to easily navigate to the Small exit.gif Exit.
  • Split-screen spreadsheeting (opening a sheet in another window and aligning both windows next to each other) using a set of characters for quick marking. However, the coded version needs to be visually furnished for others to navigate, making this technique on par with pen an paper. The only difference is the mapper's preference.

A reliable method is to combine pen and paper method with a video recording of your trip to confirm that your map is 100% correct.

Video Examples

In this video, Somnific explores an Abandoned Hospital as a Scavenger (hence 150% starting oxygen), unlocks several doors while searching the rooms for some cool loots!

Map Examples


Abandoned bunker-burned.png

External App

  • From Dusk Till Dawn

Abandoned hospital-fof.png

From Dusk Till Dawn has a ruin mapping feature.


Sprite Description
Explo player 1.gif Player (default state).
Aligned to the center of the client screen.
Explo player 2.gif Player (suffocating): serves as a reminder to those who don't pay attention to the oxygen counter that it is time to turn around.
Aligned to the center of the client screen.
Explo zombie generic.gif Zombie (generic): randomly encountered in all three types of explorable ruins.
Aligned next to the player on either of four sides.
Explo zombie bunker.gif Zombie Soldier: randomly encountered in Abandoned Bunkers.
Aligned next to the player on either of four sides.
Explo zombie hospital.gif Zombie Nurse: randomly encountered in Abandoned Hospitals.
Aligned next to the player on either of four sides.
Explo zombie hotel.gif Zombie Janitor: randomly encountered in Abandoned Hotels.
Aligned next to the player on either of four sides.


  • In Season 4:
    • Small enter.gifSmall enter.gifExplorable Ruins Explorable Ruins are added.
  • In Season 6:
  • Before Season 9, There is a bug which makes you escape from the explorable ruins effortlessly. You have 2 tabs open, one being outside and another being inside the ruin. You can leave the ruin anywhere inside simply by leaving the zone on the outside tab. See the video. This bug is fixed in Season 9.
  • In Season 9:
    • The bug which makes you escape from the explorable ruins effortlessly is fixed in Season 9.
  • In Season 10:
  • In Season 11:

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