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Escort menu in-game.

When you just can't do it yourself, it's always nice to have someone there to bring you home. The Small escort.gifSmall escort.gifEscorting Escort Mode allows you to be dragged along through the Small world.gifSmall world.gifWorld Beyond Desert by a Small hero.gifSmall hero.gifHero Hero or the Item guide.gifItem guide.gifGuide to the World Beyond Guide to the World Beyond


Restrictions to Inventory

Certain items in an escortee's inventory cannot dropped by the escort:


  • Stopping others from following is indicated by:
    • "Finally, [hero] decided to leave [citizen] there..." line in the zone register;
    • A pop-up reading "[Citizen] is no longer following you."
  • While being escorted, users cannot view the in-game map or their inventory, nor they can perform any actions on their own, except for leaving the escorting party, attacking others in the zone, gifting hero days, and (if they are a Small ghoul.gifSmall ghoul.gifGhoul Ghoul) eating someone. Once an escortee leaves the party their interface is returned to normal.
What the interface looks like to a ghoul being escorted
  • When leaving escort mode, the text "[escortee] has finally decided to take back their independance." appears in the zone register.
  • As escortees can neither drop nor use weapons on command, any weapon in their inventory is useless to the escort party.
    • Batteries, however, can be carried and drop as ammo for battery launchers.
  • When you are escorting a citizen who has a Status wound.gifStatus wound.gifWounded Leg Injury, the following may happen:
    • There is a chance the movement will be failed. In this case all players in the escort party are prevented from moving and will stay in the same zone.
    • Only the Status wound.gifStatus wound.gifWounded Wounded citizen with leg injury will waste 1 Small pa.gif. The rest will not.
    • The escorting player will receive a pop-up warning them that something went wrong, advising to address the issue.
    One or more of the citizens in your group cannot follow you. You will need to check out the situation... or leave the weak behind.
    • There will be a log in the zone registry:
    After only a few metres, [player name] fell to the ground with a yell! Their WOUNDED LEG is stopping them from leaving the sector!

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