Ektorp-Gluten Chair

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[v·e] 128 Ektorp-Gluten Chair Item chair basic.gif
A fairly normal chair, with a particularly brutal sounding Swedish name. You could hit people with it, but it works far better for the task it was designed for. Send it home Happy... send it home.
Small heavy.gifSmall heavy.gifHeavy object Heavy object
Small home.gifSmall home.gifHome decoration Home Decoration (+2 points for decor)
Item watergun opt empty.gifItem watergun opt empty.gifGuard Weapon Guard Weapon (8 attack pts)
Category Items
Sub Category Furniture

You're not going to be doing much sitting around when you could be protecting yourself from the zombies. Still, a little rest never hurt anybody... and if worst comes to worst, this chair looks like it might be painful if you were hit on the head with it.




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