Eden Project

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[v·e] 1030 Eden Project Small eden.gif
This is the last resort when there is no more water: rupture the water table with dynamite to extend the town's reserves.
Category Buildings
Sub Category Pump
Item bplan u.gifItem bplan u.gifBlueprints Blueprint Item bplan r.gifItem bplan r.gifConstruction Blueprint (rare) rare
Small parent.gif Parent building Small water.gifSmall water.gifDrilling Rig Drilling Rig
Small pa.gif Action Points cost Small pa.gif 65
Tag 2.gif Resource cost Item wood beam.gifItem wood beam.gifPatchwork Beam×5 Item metal beam.gifItem metal beam.gifMetal Support×8 Item explo.gifItem explo.gifSemtex×2

So that Small water.gifSmall water.gifDrilling Rig Drilling Rig got us enough water to last for a while, but now we must go deeper. If we blow up the entire structure, chances are we will hit another underground lake or something.



  • In Season 4:
  • The construction of this building does not demolish any other buildings, despite the blurb.