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[v·e] Drugged Status drugged.gif
You have already taken drugs today. Warning, if you take any more, you run the risk of getting hooked!
Category Status
Sub Category Intoxication

You've given into temptation, the lure of popping a few of those tiny little pills was just too great. You're all Status drugged.gifStatus drugged.gifDrugged Drugged up and ready to go.


After using any Drug (such as Item drug.gifItem drug.gifAnabolic Steroids Anabolic Steroids) you will gain this status.


  • Taking drugs when you already have this status will cause you to become Status addict.gifStatus addict.gifHooked! Hooked!
  • Obtaining this status prevents death when you are Status addict.gifStatus addict.gifHooked! Hooked!
  • Becoming Status drugged.gifStatus drugged.gifDrugged Drugged for the first time in a Town will cause you to lose the Status clean.gifStatus clean.gifClean Clean status and any distinction points you may have earned from it.