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Defence items can be placed in Item chest citizen.gifItem chest citizen.gifThe Bank The Bank to add to the town's defence points. Each item will add 1 defence point to the town's total; this figure can be increased by constructing and upgrading Item meca parts.gifItem meca parts.gifDefensive Focus Defensive Focus.

Items can also be placed in citizen's homes to improve their defence value; however, it should be noted that each item is only worth 1 defence point when used in a home even if the defensive focus has been built and upgraded, so this option should be avoided (unless you don't care if everyone hates you.)

In the bank: As of season 3 update (21-7-2011), defensive objects add 1 base defence point (upgradeable) to the town total. (Previously defensive objects were worth 2 defence points.)

In a home: Adds 1 defence point to the home and no defence points to the town total. Adds decoration points, if appropriate to the item.


When installed in a zone these objects provide a permanent camping bonus to the zone


These objects are used by the town in construction projects.

Home Improvement[edit]

These objects can be used to upgrade your house.


These objects can be picked up and used as a weapon.

Zone Control[edit]

When carried these objects increase your control points in the world beyond.