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In a zombie apocalypse, the bodies start to pile up. Friends and enemies alike, they all start to weigh down on you. Normally this would mean more graveyards, but some of these bodies aren't going down without a fight...

There are corpses knocking on your door every night, but it's particularly devastating to see them take on familiar faces. When citizens in your town die, they almost always join the hordes of hungry creatures ravaging your house at midnight, growling with the rest of them. There are certain ways to deal with these unwanted types, some better than others.

Death in Town

(Citizen's) corpse has not been destroyed. It's entirely possible that it'll decide to wake up and eat you alive tonight.

Citizens who die in town (by the attack, dehydration, infection, addiction, mob justice, cyanide, or poison) leave behind a nasty looking body. These bodies must be removed from the town to be safe. There are several options to remove their corpses:

Untended Corpses

Corpses that are left in town are particularly devastating. When these citizens come back to life, they do one of two things:

  • One corpse will attack one random citizen and kill them, regardless of their house defense.
    • † (Citizen) dragged their huger-driven corpse to (citizen)'s house, smashed their door in rage, grabbed their head and smashed it against the wall in a bloody display of cerebral fireworks. Never forget to recycle dead citizens. Never!!
  • One corpse can go to Small well.gifSmall well.gifThe Well The Well and destroy about 20 Item water.gifItem water.gifWater Ration Water Rations. Note: Water in the bank cannot be destroyed.

Death Outside

By dying outside the town, (citizen) has not left their fellow citizens in peace... yet.

Citizens who die out in the Small world.gifSmall world.gifWorld Beyond World Beyond, no matter what the cause, drop a Item bone meat.gifItem bone meat.gifMeaty Bone Meaty Bone in the zone they died in, as well as anything they were carrying in their inventory.

Citizens who die outside, or were dragged out of the town, will come back as zombies that night and attack the town. However, weird as it may sound, they do NOT actually increase the size of the hordes, even though the entry in the Gazette seems to indicate otherwise. For example if the size of the hordes is 200, former dead citizens is 10. The size remained 200, not 210.