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Control Points

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They say that if you can't beat them you should join them. But do you really want to join a group of rotten maniacs that want to rip you apart alive and eat your entrails? What can you do instead? Outnumber them. If you use numbers to your advantage you will be safe.


Small dom equal.gifSmall dom equal.gifControl Points Control Points (CP) represent the balance of strength between the living and the dead, and are used to determine who, Small human.gifSmall human.gifCitizen Citizens or zombies, have control over a specific zone in the Small world.gifSmall world.gifWorld Beyond World Beyond.

Each zombie in a zone generates 1 CP, while each citizen in a zone generates 2. Any Citizen that is Status terror.gifStatus terror.gifTerrorised Terrorised will have always exert zero CP, and any CP boosters are useless. If Humans have combined CPs equal to or greater than zombie CPs in a determined zone, the humans will control the zone, being able to freely move, Small gather.gifSmall gather.gifScavenging Scavenge and explore any zone. However, if the zombies have more CPs, any and all humans in the zone will be considered Trapped, being unable to move and scavenge until the CPs in the zone reach the needed balance. Note that it is still possible to explore R ruine.gifR ruine.gifRuins Ruins in the zone.

Methods of increasing Control Points

There are a number of ways to increase your control points beyond 2:

Note that all of the methods above can stack, giving a combined effect of up to 5 extra CPs, or 7 CPs in total per person.

Loss of Control

If the human CPs are no longer equal or greater than that of the zombies, the humans lose control of the previously controlled zone. This most commonly occurs due to a player leaving the zone. When the humans lose control, a 30 minutes timer will start. When the time expires, any remaining citizens in the zone will be trapped.

Temporary Control

Temporary control of a zone means that zombies have control of the zone, but a citizen has found a method to break the deadlock for a limited quantity of time, or that the control has been lost and the 30 minutes timer is still active. The quantity of time left depends on the method used. While the zone is in temporary control it allows Small human.gifSmall human.gifCitizen Citizens to perform any action except scavenge for a short duration of time, but the main advantage is the ability to leave the zone without becoming Status wound.gifStatus wound.gifWounded Wounded. Once the timer ends, the zombies will regain control until the balance is changed again. Temporary Control and can be achieved in several ways:


  • As of Season 4, there was a bug that allowed to generate as many CPs in a zone as necessary to gain control. It involved a pairing of a Item bag.gifItem bag.gifManbag Manbag and a Item car door.gifItem car door.gifCar Door Car Door. If both were carried, clicking on the manbag dropped all the contents of the citizen's rucksack while still not subtracting 1 bonus CP the car door provides. Picking the door back up increased the CP value by one. This trick could be repeated for a desired amount of times.

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