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[v·e] 42 Chicken Item pet chick.gif
OK, now we just need to find a butcher. Alternatively you could throw it at a zombie...
Item watergun opt empty.gifItem watergun opt empty.gifGuard Weapon Guard Weapon (8 attack pts)
Category Items
Sub Category Miscellaneous items

Someone could turn this into some chicken nuggets! Or at the very least chuck it at some zombies and hope it pecks their eyes out.



The butcher took great care of Item pet chick.gifItem pet chick.gifChicken Chicken ... You now have Item undef.gifItem undef.gifUnspecified Meat Unspecified Meat (×2). Goodbye dear friend.
  • Can be used as a weapon, with 100% chances to "kill" one zombie, but the animal disappears.
You send your Item pet chick.gifItem pet chick.gifChicken Chicken over to the zombie. The wretched individual isn't the quickest of cats, but he pounces (slowly) on the animal to devour it, groaning all the time... Goodbye brave friend. On the plus side, that's one less zombie to worriy about now he's distracted...


This is required in the construction of: