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Car Door

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[v·e] 218 Car Door Item car door.gif
This hefty door will make an excellent improvised shield for when you need to get through crowds of zombies intent on munching your tasty brain (on one small cracker, as an aperitif presumably...).
Small heavy.gifSmall heavy.gifHeavy object Heavy object
Item plate.gifItem plate.gifDefence Defence
Item watergun opt empty.gifItem watergun opt empty.gifGuard Weapon Guard Weapon (23 attack pts)
Category Items
Sub Category Defences

The Item car door.gifItem car door.gifCar Door Car Door can be used to gain another Small dom equal.gifSmall dom equal.gifControl Points Control Point in the Small world.gifSmall world.gifWorld Beyond World Beyond, or as Item plate.gifItem plate.gifDefence Defence. However, if you are carrying it, you cannot hold another Small heavy.gifSmall heavy.gifHeavy object Heavy object. As such, it may be better off in Item chest citizen.gifItem chest citizen.gifThe Bank The Bank. It needs to be constructed if it is found incomplete.




  • In Season 4:
    • A bug fixed that allowed to generate infinite CPs in a zone. It involved a pairing of a Item bag.gifItem bag.gifManbag Manbag and a Item car door.gifItem car door.gifCar Door Car Door. If both were carried, clicking on the manbag dropped all the contents of the citizen's rucksack while still not subtracting 1 bonus CP the car door provides. Picking the door back up increased the CP value by one. As you can see, such trick could be repeated a desired amount of times.
    • Use of this exploit during the R cott.gifR cott.gifClash of the Titans Clash of the Titans is believed to have forced MotionTwin to fix the problem.
  • In Season 11:
  • Shows as a Small home.gifSmall home.gifHome Decoration Home Decoration on the game, but provides 0 deco points.