Bomb Factory

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[v·e] 1068 Bomb Factory Small tnt.gif
Dynamite, zombies, blood.
Small warning.gif Temporary
Category Buildings
Sub Category Watchtower
Small parent.gif Parent building Status terror.gifStatus terror.gifEmergency Supplies Emergency Supplies
Small def.gif Defence Small def.gif 35
Small pa.gif Action Points cost Small pa.gif 20
Tag 2.gif Resource cost Item explo.gifItem explo.gifSemtex×3

Process those spare sticks of Item explo.gifItem explo.gifSemtex Semtex that we have, and we will fend off a few extra zombies with ease. Actually, we might as well just take a Item lights.gifItem lights.gifBox of Matches Box of Matches, light them up, then throw them over the gates, why bother with all the careful handling?


  • Building it gives 35 Small warning.gifSmall def.gif to the town.
    • As this is a temporary building, this structure will only last one night and be demolished during the attack.