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Bloody hot coffee

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[v·e] 98 Bloody hot coffee Item coffee.gif
Who knows how this thermos has managed to stay warm for so long... In any case, it's strong coffee, REALLY strong coffee. It's clearly homemade, and not exactly a premium blend... Not for the faint-hearted !
Category Items
Sub Category Food
When used
Restored Small pa.gif
+4 Small pa.gif

"Fermented" wood chips make for a surprisingly decent substitute for coffee beans. Stir in some chemicals, battery acid for an extra zing, and what you have might not be the best cup of coffee you'll ever taste, but chances are it will be the last.

Generally considered an alternative to drugs. Bloody hot coffee is useful for heroes who has acquired the hero skill Status clean.gifStatus clean.gifHealthy Body Healthy Body. They can get extra Small pa.gif while keeping the extra 1 Small dom equal.gifSmall dom equal.gifControl Points Control Point by staying Status clean.gifStatus clean.gifClean Clean. It is also useful if you don't need the full 8Small pa.gif given by a Item drug hero.gifItem drug hero.gifTwinoid 500mg Twinoid 500mg. You can use coffee and save the drugs for longer, more important expeditions.



  • Used to restore 4 Small pa.gif, as many times as you wish per day, provided you have the resources to make enough! Does not provide bonus Small pa.gif so it can only restore you to your maximum (6/6 for a healthy citizen).
    • Use text: The sensation of well-being brought about by this small coffee puts you back on your feet instantly. Aah !