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Betapropine 5mg (expired)

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[v·e] 250 Betapropine 5mg (expired) Item beta drug bad.gif
The effects of this little pill are mysterious to say the least... On the box, it states : "not to be taken by testers under 18 years of age". Strange...
Category Items
Sub Category Pharmacy
When used
Restored Small pa.gif
Max (6) Small pa.gif
Gives status
Status terror.gifStatus terror.gifTerrorised Terrorised (?% Chance)
Gives status
Status addict.gifStatus addict.gifHooked! Hooked! (?% Chance)

An expired version of the rare Item beta drug.gifItem beta drug.gifBetapropine 5mg Betapropine 5mg drug. Although the item has a different name, icon, and description, it is identical to Item drug random.gifItem drug random.gifUnlabelled Drug Unlabelled Drug. There is a high chance that you will receive the effects of Status terror.gifStatus terror.gifTerrorised Terrorised or Status addict.gifStatus addict.gifHooked! Hooked!



  • Upon ingestion it causes a random effect. It could include:
    • No effect (including not causing Status drugged.gifStatus drugged.gifDrugged Drugged; addicts hate this)
    • Restoring 6 Small pa.gif (most common)
    • Restoring 7 Small pa.gif and causing the player to be immediately Status addict.gifStatus addict.gifHooked! Hooked!
      • You immediately regret swallowing the Betapropine 5mg (expired) ... The product turns out to be a powerful steroid for animals (the kind usually given to horses as it happens). Your APs have been restored, but you instantly become dependant on drugs !
    • Causing the Status terror.gifStatus terror.gifTerrified Terrorised status