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[v·e] 66 Bandage Item bandage.gif
It smells awful, and it has traces of mould on it, but you're in no position to be fussy. This bandage can be used to dress a wound.
Category Items
Sub Category Pharmacy
When used
Gives status
Status healed.gifStatus healed.gifRecovery Healed
Removes status
Status wound.gifStatus wound.gifWounded Wounded

Bandages are one of the more coveted of medical items in this forsaken place; you might be surprised how hard it is to find clean gauze these days. And no, your uniform won't work as a substitute, no matter how much sense that makes.



  • Bandages can be used to heal injuries. Give the Status healed.gifStatus healed.gifHealed Healed status.
    • Trying to use while not Status wound.gifStatus wound.gifWounded Wounded will not have any effect or consume the item.
    • You can only use one per day (due to the Status healed.gifStatus healed.gifHealed Healed status). If you get Status wound.gifStatus wound.gifWounded Wounded a second time in one day, you're out of luck.


If you are Status wound.gifStatus wound.gifWounded Wounded:

A snip of the scissors, spit on the wound to disinfect it... There you go, good as new.

If you are not Status wound.gifStatus wound.gifWounded Wounded:

You have not been injured.


  • A Item bandage.gifItem bandage.gifBandage Bandage does not give Status drugged.gifStatus drugged.gifDrugged Drugged, so it will not contribute to becoming Status addict.gifStatus addict.gifHooked! Hooked! nor will it give an addict his fix.
  • Bandages can never be produced from pharma products, according to ninjapirate.
  • Taking a Item bandage.gifItem bandage.gifBandage Bandage from the town Bank without asking first is almost always frowned upon, due to their scarcity and value. It's better to say something first in most cases.