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There are many ways to kill zombies.


By far the most common and reliable way to kill zombies. See the Armoury for more details.

Fist Fights

At a cost of 1 Small pa.gif you have a low chance of killing a single zombie.

The exact chance is not known. Currently it is thought to be between 8 and 10% chance of success but more research is required. (See Talk:Fighting.)

Success: During an frightful encounter, you finally managed to throw a zombie against a rock... Its head literally exploded and the contents splattered onto your shoes ! Breathless, you stagger backwards : that's one more

Success Log entry: (You) went toe to toe with a zombie and managed to finish him !

Failure: You grab one of the wretched automatons with both hands, touching the sticky, putrefied flesh... it's unbearable... You wrestle with it, trying to force it back, but it's not happening... It tries unsuccessfully to bite you several times ! You retreat, out of breath and demoralised...

Failure Log entry: (You) managed to get punched square in the crotch by attacking a zombie with their bare hands... that'll learn them

Vicious uppercut

Heroes may use their vicious uppercut ability once per game to kill 2 zombies instantly.

Break Through

Any player that was an R armag.gifR armag.gifArmageddon Witness Armageddon Witness has the Small arma.gifSmall arma.gifBreak Through Break Through ability. If zombies control the zone, the player has a 50% chance to kill one zombie and gain control of the zone for 10 minutes. There is no cost or penalty, although it can only be used once per town.

Air Strike

Not a direct form of combat but the Small rocket.gifSmall rocket.gifAir Strike Air Strike will kill all zombies in the same row and column as the town.

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