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The Armoury stores Weapons, which are used to kill zombies without using Small pa.gif. Note that weapons which can break CANNOT be used while Status tired.gifStatus tired.gifExhausted Exhausted (so you must have Small pa.gif to use them), but will not consume any Small pa.gif on use.

All Reloadable weapons that store multiple shots use up one shot of their ammunition per use; if you use an Item watergun opt 5.gifItem watergun opt 5.gifAqua-Splash_(5_shots) Aqua-Splash (5 shots) three times in a zone with three zombies, you will have an Item watergun opt 2.gifItem watergun opt 2.gifAqua-Splash_(2_shots) Aqua-Splash (2 shots) and no zombies.

Melee weapons, rather than using up ammunition, can become Small broken.gifSmall broken.gifBroken Broken..., which is then denoted by a red dashed border around the item's icon. Items with the Broken flag can be repaired with 1 Small pa.gif and either a Item repair one.gifItem repair one.gifKwik-Fix Kwik-Fix or a Item repair kit.gifItem repair kit.gifRepair Kit Repair Kit.

  • Don't confuse this state with items that have "Broken" in their name, like the Item saw tool part.gifItem saw tool part.gifBroken Hacksaw Broken Hacksaw -- as with incomplete items, the hacksaw must be combined with other resources to become useful; the kits above will have no effect on them.
    • On the other hand, a Item bone.gifItem bone.gifBroken Human Bone Broken Human Bone which becomes Broken in combat (gaining the Broken flag) is called the "Broken Human Bone (broken)", and can be repaired to have the Broken flag removed. Confused yet?

Battery Powered

Loaded with a Item pile.gifItem pile.gifBattery Battery before use, which will eventually be expended.


Load with Small valve.gifSmall valve.gifFaucet Faucet or one Item water.gifItem water.gifWater Ration Water Ration, with the exception of the Item jerrygun.gifItem jerrygun.gifJerrycan Gun Jerrycan Gun (ready) which needs a Item jerrycan.gifItem jerrycan.gifFull Jerrycan Full Jerrycan to reload.


Grenades are thrown at zombies and are consumed upon use.


Melee items will eventually break requiring them to be repaired back in town.

Note: All statistics listed below are still being calculated. Please see the discussion page for each weapon to help!

Weapon Kill Rate Breakage Rate Watchmen points Notes
Item wrench.gifItem wrench.gifAdjustable Spanner Adjustable Spanner 50% 33% 2
Item cutter.gifItem cutter.gifBox Cutter Box Cutter 33% 50% 5
Item bone.gifItem bone.gifBroken Human Bone Broken Human Bone 100% 80% 15
Item torch off.gifItem torch off.gifBurnt out Torch Burnt out Torch 7% 78% 5
Item can opener.gifItem can opener.gifCan Opener Can Opener 33% 30% 2
Item hurling stick.gifItem hurling stick.gifHurling stick Hurling stick 50% 25% 0
Item lawn.gifItem lawn.gifLawnmower Lawnmower 100% 19.32% 35
Item cutcut.gifItem cutcut.gifMachete Machete 100% 24.35% 5
  • Kills 2 zombies per attack
  • Go to Talk:Machete to report and view weapon's own statistics.
Item small knife.gifItem small knife.gifPathetic Penknife Pathetic Penknife 33% 50% 5
Item chain.gifItem chain.gifRusty Chain Rusty Chain 46.88% 26.25% 10
Item screw.gifItem screw.gifScrewdriver Screwdriver 33% 66% 5
Item knife.gifItem knife.gifSerrated Knife Serrated Knife 100% 32.59% 8
Item staff.gifItem staff.gifStaff Staff 50% 50% 5
Item swiss knife.gifItem swiss knife.gifSwiss Army Knife Swiss Army Knife 33% 33% 15

Improvised Weapons

Some items can be re-purposed as weapons in an emergency.


A few defensive objects can be picked up and wielded as a weapon.


Some items of furniture can be used to kill zombies. (Percentages are in research, results not guaranteed)

These decorative guns need to be combined with a Item bullets.gifItem bullets.gifHandful of Bullets Handful of Bullets. Unfortunately, these can't be found in game and therefore those guns are only decorative. Administrators can summon the bullets, but nothing happens when trying to combine.


Animals make poor weapons but could save your life in a dire situation; they are generally more useful if taken to the Item meat.gifItem meat.gifButcher Butcher. Lost animals get eaten by the zombie which 'distracts' it; unlike melee weapons, there is no Broken Guard Dog to repair (even if we do have the technology.)


Guard Weapons Only

Those weapons CANNOT be used to kill zombies in the Small world.gifSmall world.gifWorld Beyond World Beyond. They can only be used as guard weapons by R guard.gifR guard.gifWatchmen Watchmen to protect the town against zombies hordes during Small fight.gifSmall fight.gifThe Attack The Attack.



Most weapons have the same messages when used to fight zombies, but some weapons like Animals as a group have their own messages.


Killing a portion of the zombies in the zone:

You have eliminated (Number) zombies using the (Weapon). Ha! Ha! A little bit more scattered flesh... It feels good to waste a zombie now and again.

Killing the last zombie(s) in the zone:

All the zombies in the area have been wiped out using the (Weapon) ! You can relax for a while... Or...

Melee Weapons

Melee weapons use the same kill message as the generic ones, but they have their own messages for miss and breakage.

If failing to kill a zombie with a Melee weapon:

You hit a zombie with all your strength, several times, but your punches turned out to be more Joe Biden than Joe Calzaghe... You couldn't get him to go down !

If breaking a Melee weapon in combat, the following message is added after the kill/no-kill message:

Your weapon just broke on impact...


Animals have their own messages.

If the animal returns from killing the zombie:

Your animal leapt at the zombie's throat, and managed to turn itself into a zombie-cork! Well done!

If not:

You send your (Animal) over to the zombie. The wretched individual isn't the quickest of cats, but he pounces (slowly) on the animal to devour it, groaning all the time... Goodbye brave friend. On the plus side, that's one less zombie to worriy about now he's distracted...