Architect's Study

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[v·e] 1101 Architect's Study Small refine.gif
When intelligent citizens meet in the evenings around the fire, great things are invented. Well, on the condition that they've built an Architecture Study. This building gives the town a (common) construction blueprint every day.
Category Buildings
Sub Category Workshop
Small parent.gif Parent building Item rp book2.gifItem rp book2.gifBuilding Registry Building Registry
Small pa.gif Action Points cost Small pa.gif 75
Tag 2.gif Resource cost Item wood beam.gifItem wood beam.gifPatchwork Beam×10 Item vodka.gifItem vodka.gifVodka Marinostov×1 Item drug.gifItem drug.gifAnabolic Steroids×1

Contrary to popular belief, that bottle of Item vodka.gifItem vodka.gifVodka Marinostov Vodka Marinostov and tablet of Item drug.gifItem drug.gifAnabolic Steroids Anabolic Steroids really were necessary to get the town to come up with construction ideas. Why care about the alcohol and drugs anyway, when we're attaching ten patchwork beams on to that Item table.gifItem table.gifJärpen Table Järpen Table from the Item rp book2.gifItem rp book2.gifBuilding Registry Building Registry!?



  • It is important to build this early, to help unlock Small gather.gifSmall gather.gifSearch Tower Searchtower and other structures requiring Item bplan c.gifItem bplan c.gifConstruction Blueprint (common) Construction Blueprint (common).
  • When you unlock all common blueprints and try to add another one you get this message:
    Your town has already unlocked all construction projects in this category! This object is therefore useless, so you decide to throw it away.
    • There will be an entry of this event in the Registers.
  • The first upgrade of the architect's study will give 5 common blueprints, as it includes the daily one. lvl 2 and lvl 3 will not give the common blueprint at all, but after voted, continue to give a common blueprint.


Level Reward
Base Gives 1 daily common blueprint.
Level 1 The Town will receive 4 common construction blueprints after the attack.
Level 2 The Town will receive 2 common construction blueprints and 2 uncommon blueprints after the attack(maybe a surprise too?)
Level 3 The Town will receive 2 uncommon construction blueprints and 2 rare blueprints after the attack(maybe a surprise too?)
Level 4 null
Level 5 null


  • In Season 10:
    • Small refine.gifSmall refine.gifArchitect's Study Architect's Study is now an upgradable building.